It’s been a busy week so far.  I fought hard and (mostly?) won a battle against a sore throat / cold / cough combo that had me down for the count for several days.  I’ve had a bunch of class visits of the more tiring kind — excessive security checks every morning, plus running around the halls from classroom to classroom and packing and unpacking my suitcase at every stop.  Tonight was our night to have fun and relax a while.

I bought us tickets to see the Rifftrax Live movie tonight — a live broadcast that’s spread by satellite to theaters all over the country.  Well, apparently the hurricane that’s approaching the east coast (or perhaps the storm that’s a precursor to that hurricane?) was interfering with the satellite signal.  So … no movie for us tonight :(

Which, like, totally sucked.  Because we took the train to midtown, had an early dinner just so that we could get to the theater early, and then sat around in the theater for an hour waiting to see if they could get it to work.  I was so sad afterward that I asked if we could go stop for a shake at Shake Shack to lift my spirits.  To my boyfriend’s delight, they not only had their normal awesome flavors but they also had their first seasonal selection for October:

Custard Calendar

That’s right; he had a pumpkin pie shake.  Because apparently he hasn’t had enough pumpkin in his life recently, what with all the pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin beer, etc. we have in the house.  FWIW, I will confess that I’m very interested in discovering just what the “Shackenstein” flavor turns out to be …

Anyway, then we came home and I put on a fashion show for him.  That was the other surreal part of the night.  Our staff is dressing “thematically” tomorrow, so I was basically going through my closet saying “better like this or better like this?” until we picked an outfit that he thought would work.  And BTW, if anyone thinks it DOESN’T work, then I’m going to blame it on him!

I have the next few days off, but much of that time will be spent setting up my fancy new computer:

New Apple Computer

Yes, it’s an Apple and yes, it’s huge.  Although it’s basically a giant monitor with no separate piece attached for the CPU.  Because it’s … magic, I guess?  Hey, far be it from me to begin to wrap my mind around Apple technology.  My boyfriend ordered this online for me (happy early Christmas to me!) and he arranged to have it delivered to a local store where he would pick it up.  He told me that he got the email saying that it was ready, he took a trip to the store, and the moment he walked into the store his phone buzzed.  It was a message from Apple saying “Welcome to the Apple Store!  Your purchase is ready to pick up.”

That is FREAKY, man!

So transferring all of my old information over and figuring out how the new machine works is going to take a bunch of time.  Then when I go back to work I’ve got class visits for several days in a row, which will keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Plus I’ve got committee work, meetings, and more stuff to catch up on.  Good times!

As I was about to go to sleep last night, I had the following thoughts:

Wait.  I’m going to see those high school classes THIS Monday?  Not NEXT Monday?

Hang on.  My branch manager never replied to the email I sent her last week about the visits.

But the school librarian never wrote back to confirm the visits, either.

I still have to memorize my booktalks!

I still have to finish packing my suitcase with books and handouts!

Oh, crap.

So, yeah.  Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day.  Unless, of course, it isn’t.  So if y’all will excuse me, I’m spending whatever time I’m not watching the Emmys trying to cram a bunch of booktalks into my head.

Lord, it’s been busy.  I haven’t even finished uploading my vacation pictures yet, because there are just SO MANY of them to go through.  Plus, that task got pushed to the back burner because when I got back to New York I had to deal with so many other things …

I had to get my new glasses and sunglasses, which set me back over $2000.  Yes, my frames are stylish, and yes, I discovered that when you get frames from Tiffany’s they come with so much robins-egg-blue STUFF that you can show the whole world just how fancy you are:

Tiffany Stuff

But even though my frames are fancy, it’s the lenses themselves that really set me back.  This explains why I can’t afford to get new glasses as often as I probably should.  But damn, I’ll look good on my way to the poorhouse!

My website problems that were plaguing me for over six months are now finally RESOLVED.  The latest (and clearly the greatest) tech guy finally found the last of the malicious code that had been screwing up my website.  The poisonous stuff that had been hiding in my files was written in Arabic, so between that and the mysterious traffic that had been coming my way from Russian websites, it seems that I was taken out by an international conspiracy.  So the good news is that my website is back up and running again!  The bad news is that I now have to jump-start myself and get back into the habit of creating new content every week.  Oof.  I feel like I need an oil can for my brain, because damn, I feel rusty!

Work has been work, and over the last two weeks since I’ve been back I’ve had to deal with most of our heavy hitters in the problem patron department.  The cat lady has been in with her cats that she’s not supposed to bring into the library, and Crazy Ms. H. with her endless DVD holds, and the Evil Weatherman has been ESPECIALLY evil, and on and on.  It’s like the bus from Crazytown was circling the block and waiting for me to get back from vacation so it could drop everybody off at our doorstep.  Then again, I also believe that ice cream trucks lie in wait for me just so that they can play their annoying jingles when I walk by.  So you might want to take my paranoid theories with a grain of salt.

We’re working on a library-related project that set me going back through my 2014 and 2015 photo archives to track down pictures.  That led to an evening of deep melancholy as I sat at my computer scrolling through pictures of Logan (my late great cat), my mother’s memorial service, and all the weird stuff I found in my mother’s apartment.

I’m also getting ready for class visit season, because outreach is great!  And we need to strengthen our alliances!  And boost our stats!  Woo-Hoo!  Well, most of the time as a young adult librarian, my outreach consists of picking 10 books that I can booktalk backwards and forwards, packing those in my rolling suitcase along with a boatload of handouts, and telling all my classes about those ten books over the course of several days or several weeks.  Well, because of an emergency situation at my biggest local school, I just learned that their library is being used as emergency classrooms so I can’t conduct my class visits there.  Instead they want to bring their classes to visit my library.  That will be great for my circulation statistics, but it’s much more labor-intensive for me and for my staff, and it also means ordering multiple copies of books in advance and cramming WAY more booktalks into my head since I have to be prepared to talk about new books with every class.  So this is gonna be exhausting.  I mean, the good kind of exhausting, but STILL …

Okay, there’s other stuff going on, too, but that’s the stuff that’s sticking out of my brain right now.  I promise that I’ll share more updates when I have time, more photos when I have time, and more thoughts when I have time.

My boyfriend and I have been enjoying lots of barbecue, grits, sweet tea, sweet sodas, pralines, she-crab soup, mint juleps and more over the last week.  We had several meals in Norfolk VA and North Carolina on our way to Charleston SC where we spent most of a week and Savannah GA where we spent one day.

Here are pictures of some of the food and drinks we enjoyed, plus some stuff that we didn’t try ourselves but it was so entertaining that I just HAD to photograph it.

I’ll fill out this post a little more when I get home with restaurant details and links.  But in the meantime, here are some mouthwatering and curious culinary highlights from our vacation so far!


Charleston has so far been filled with rain, food, history, unusual sodas, and more rain.  We’ve been on several tours so far, of the city itself, of the harbor, and of the Magnolia Plantation.

Tonight we have a pub tour, then over the next few days we have more excursions booked — a civil war carriage tour, a ghost tour, and visits to Fort Sumter and the Hunley.  And in between our tours we eat awesome food and try to dodge the thunderstorms.  Good times!


The plan was to head down to Norfolk and spend the weekend there before going further south to Charleston.  We had a lot of fun in Norfolk — awesome food, historic buildings, and a great look at the past and present of Navy ships.  But MAN, were there a lot of rules in this town!

BTW, “No Horseplay” might be one of my favorite rules of all time!


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