Earlier this fall we visited the NYS Fair in Syracuse.  Was there enough fried food to make our hearts stop a hundred times over?  Yes.  Was there plenty of other stuff to see?  Also, yes. (more…)


Taking some time to catch up with my photo backlog, here are some food-related pictures from our vacation to Montreal and Quebec City.  Can you smell the maple syrup??? (more…)

Since my boyfriend had this week off, we spent part of today in Chinatown.  We wandered around and had lunch at Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle Inc. on Doyers St.  Then we walked north up to Houston Street before heading back to the subway …

Since my boyfriend had this week off, we spent part of yesterday wandering around Chelsea and going shopping at Chelsea Market …

During a recent expedition to Brooklyn, my boyfriend and I looked in the windows of Greenpoint liquor stores to check out the displays of Polish vodka.  We always see lots of bottles of different types of vodka, often made from potatoes, which totally makes sense if you’ve ever had a Polish meal.  But during our latest visit we noticed something new.  This vodka was a light green color, it was marketed as Bison Grass Vodka, and each bottle had some of the grass floating inside it.  As we were getting ready to leave Brooklyn my boyfriend mentioned that he’d be curious to try that vodka someday, and so I bought him a bottle for his birthday.

When I went online to see where I could buy it (I did find a place in Manhattan), I discovered some more information about this unusual drink.  I discovered that it had been banned in the United States for years, and I also discovered that some bartenders are big fans of it and have developed bison grass-specific drink recipes.

When we examined all of the labels on the bottle, we saw that we were in for an unusual experience …

Bison Grass Vodka 1

Bison Grass Vodka 2

Bison Grass Vodka 3

Bison Grass Vodka 4

But here’s the question: What does it taste like?

My main conclusion, after trying it straight and mixed with orange juice as a screwdriver, is that it’s very very WEIRD.  I also shared some with a few more taste testers, and “weird” was the #1 most used term when we tried to discuss it.  The longer discussion was along the lines of it tastes strong, it smells weird, and it tastes weird.  It doesn’t taste or smell like grass clippings as we know them, but there is a taste that’s very hard to define.

We still have most of the bottle left, so we’re going to check out some of those bartender recipes and see if we’ll find a recipe that helps tip the balance between weird and awesome.

This would probably be a good purchase for vodka afficionados (which, admittedly, we are not).  But at the very least it definitely makes for an excellent conversation piece!



Hey again, Dear Readers.

It’s been a hectic few days.  I’ve been fighting off something lousy that’s been making my head and my lungs feel all out of sorts.  It’s never a good sign when your colleagues refer to you as “The Incubator,” which is why I actually went back home one day this week instead of contaminating the staff.  Of course, it’s Christmas Day and I’m STILL sick, so today I’ll be trying not to contaminate family members.  Let’s see how that turns out!

Because my boyfriend is a good and wonderful human being, before he even started the Christmas cooking he made me some chicken soup from scratch:

Chicken Soup

Oh, and that picture was taken with my fancy new iPhone, which was another good and wonderful thing he gave me today.  Isn’t that a really photogenic soup???

Anyway, the day so far has been filled with text messages and phone calls back and forth to figure out what’s going on with the dinner at my boyfriend’s parents’ place.  His daughter, niece, and great-niece ARE coming.  Now the nieces are NOT coming.  Okay, his daughter IS coming, but not until later, which means that she’ll be bringing the mashed potatoes … for dessert?

Now my brother is here (surprise — he got us DVDs for Christmas!) and we’re waiting for our portion of the food to finish cooking.  Because my boyfriend was in a culinary mood, this year he decided that in addition to a glazed ham he would also make a bacon-wrapped rib roast.

Rib Roast

Because frankly, what says Christmas like meat with more meat on it?

I’m going to take some DayQuil and some more of my homeopathic tingling stuff before we go to dinner.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to enjoy a wine-free meal, but we should have a good time with plenty of pasta, meat, and presents!

My boyfriend has spent the last several days shopping and the last 24 hours cooking up a storm.  My participation has been minimal, depending on what you call “participation.”  I mean, yes, I made the corn medley, but … well, do you count holding on to the plastic bag while my boyfriend pulls out the turkey and puts it into the brining solution participation?  How about photographing our culinary progress?  If you do, then yes, that takes my participation up a few notches.

This is Thanksgiving:  My boyfriend spends most of a 24-hour period cooking.

This is Thanksgiving:  I’m watching the parade and then the dog show on Thanksgiving morning.  While I’m out of the room, my boyfriend switches the station to Fox to watch the football game, and then promptly falls asleep (see the previous 24-hour period).

This is Thanksgiving: Just before 1:00 the doorbell rings.  Moments later a cloud of Axe Body Spray containing my brother enters the apartment.

This is Thanksgiving:  Our entire apartment now smells of cooking turkey, the ham glaze that spilled in the oven and started to smoke, and Axe Body Spray.

This is Thanksgiving: I document some of our more photogenic cooking progress:






This is Thanksgiving: Soon we’ll be heading out to my boyfriend’s parents’ place, where the real fun (and all the eating) will begin!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!