When I was a kid, my family used to take us out to Roosevelt Island once in a while.  Like taking the Staten Island Ferry, it was an inexpensive adventure that would fill up a big chunk of the day.  I don’t remember seeing that much of the island, but I do remember taking the tram both ways and getting to walk around, hang out, and enjoy the view by the water.  I’ve been back several times as an adult, on a walking tour and on my own, and I’ve had a chance to explore more of the island, including the lighthouse, the ruins of the Smallpox Hospital, and Four Freedoms Park.  Since my boyfriend had never been to Roosevelt Island at all, his knowledge consisted of the stories and photos I shared with him, as well as the stories of Nellie Bly spending ten days in a madhouse here, a very creepy story about Jennifer Connelly being haunted by a ghost, Spider-Man having one of his more memorable fight scenes, and that time that Rutger Hauer took hostages on the tram and Sylvester Stallone had to save them.

Since we were both free on Veteran’s Day and the weather was great for walking, we finally decided to visit and make up for lost time.  Most of what we saw was scenic and/or historical.  We did notice an unusual number of signs telling us not to feed the wildlife, but we had no idea that they might be signifying a larger problem.  More on that in a moment.  Anyway, let’s start with the scenic stuff … (more…)


I’ve spent way too much time taking photos of fall leaves this year.  Here are a bunch of pictures I’ve taken over the last month from Manhattan, the Bronx, Roosevelt Island, Yonkers, and the Amtrak Fall Express train!


Earlier this fall we visited the NYS Fair in Syracuse.  Was there enough fried food to make our hearts stop a hundred times over?  Yes.  Was there plenty of other stuff to see?  Also, yes. (more…)

Taking some time to catch up with my photo backlog, here are some food-related pictures from our vacation to Montreal and Quebec City.  Can you smell the maple syrup??? (more…)

To celebrate having three days off in a row, I took ALL of my stuff out of ALL  of my dressers and proceeded to make some tough choices.  Most of the results were pretty mundane — some stuff will be thrown out and some stuff will be donated to charitable causes.  BTW, Dear Readers, does anyone have a suggestion for where I could drop off used eyeglasses in NYC so that my old frames don’t go to waste?

But I did find a few items that had been hiding in the spaces behind my dresser drawers, and I also discovered a Latvian coin inside one of my mother’s old fancy purses!

One of my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day presents was a tour of the Woolworth Building. Today was the day, and the tour was both informative and entertaining. And as an added bonus, our tour guide was the great-granddaughter of architect Cass Gilbert!