It’s been a long time since I’ve used the “uncovering the past” tag and created a new post about the curious old stuff I’ve found while visiting my mother’s apartment.  That’s because I already found and documented most of the “big” stuff when I went through the drawers and closets several months ago.  But over the last month while looking for books and papers in different locations around the apartment, I discovered a few more buried treasures … (more…)


In which I open my mother’s jewelry boxes and cookbooks and make some cool / beautiful / alarming discoveries … (more…)

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll recoil in confusion and horror.  That’s right: I’ve got pictures of more stuff from my mom’s place! (more…)

I’m winding down the possibilities of discoverable stuff in my mother’s apartment, but I did manage to find a few more entertaining things over the last few weeks …


This post contains pictures from my last two visits to my mother’s place.  Get ready for some cool stuff, plus a couple of doozies … (more…)

And no, I have no idea how many blog posts I’ll eventually fill with pictures of memorable stuff from my mother’s apartment.  Every time we visit, we find more and more stuff … (more…)


My boyfriend got a portable hotspot for us to use, which is how I can share that we just found my great-uncle’s collection of coins from all over the world. I have no idea what’s valuable and what just has sentimental value, so a visit to an appraiser is in our future.