We’re watching the Total Riff Off program right now, and it’s a lot of fun.  We’ve been listening to the Rifftrax guys goofing on bears, bats, honey badgers, and more!  It’s on the National Geographic Channel now, and it’s going to be re-airing later on tonight.  Good times!




I got this link in my email today from, you guessed it, my boyfriend.  Oh, how we laughed, and laughed …

7 Tips for Keeping Your Man (from the 1950s)

This list definitely included several tips I did expect (like “don’t talk about your problems,” for example).  But based on my knowledge of 1950’s movies I was surprised that “when in doubt, make a pot of coffee” wasn’t on the list.

My boyfriend just sent me this link.  It’s just what I needed to pick up my spirits after a long day at the library!


The frequency of spam comments on my blog tends to ebb and flow.  Sometimes there are only a few, and sometimes there’s a deluge (I suddenly got over 50 the other day).  Luckily, my spam filter catches most of them, and I catch the rest, so you guys never get to see them.  Until now.

I decided to share some of my favorite spam comments, which I’ve been copying and pasting into a draft post for the last few months.  Part of the entertainment value for me is found in the names of the supposed senders.  Patriot Water Heater thinks this is a fascinating conversation?  Amazing Computer Service feels “truly privileged” to have seen my blog?  Cupolas N More has bookmarked my blog?  Divorce Lawyer Lancaster PA thinks that it is definitely stimulating to read materials from other authors?  Click Here For Info feels that “there are some attention-grabbing points on this article”?  How to Pass a Drug Test says that “our entire community will likely be grateful to you”?  Hemmorhoid Home Treatment decided that I needed some some vague constructive criticism and chimes in with “Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?”

But my favorite part of spam comments are the comments themselves, or rather, the psychology behind them.  Some are nurturing and supportive (You’re the best ever!  You’re smart!  You’re brilliant!  You’ve hit the nail on the head!)  Some mix support with criticism (Your blog is good but … you should have more links / I don’t entirely agree with you / your blog isn’t working correctly in ________ browser).  Some are critical in a strangely passive-aggressive way (I can’t understand why your blog isn’t more popular!)  And some are just totally frigging incoherent.  But in any case, ALL of these spammers are writing comments that they hope you’ll read and post on your site!

Here are a few highlights from my spam filter that you might find entertaining and/or bewildering: (more…)

While I sometimes listen to podcasts that will make me cry, I also listen to podcasts that are informative about different subjects, that provide a fannish connection to favorite books or TV shows, that review good movies or terrible movies, or that make me laugh.  Since my recent “podcast appreciation” post was about the ones that make me cry, I promised that I would balance that out with a post about some of my favorite comedy podcasts.  So here we go, just in time to generate some happy thoughts for the new year.  If you ever need an emotional pick-me-up, here’s a good place to start!


The Adam Carolla Show

While I’m definitely a fan of the one-on-one interviews that Adam does with different guests, my favorite episodes are the ones featuring the rest of the crew reading and discussing the news, playing games, etc.  Sometimes the hilarity content will depend on the news topics, the general vibe in the room, or the personalities of the guests (Dana Gould and Larry Miller are two of my personal favorites).  I took my boyfriend to a live recording of this podcast earlier this year, and he got a big kick out of it even though he’d never heard the show before.  So I think that means that this podcast is pretty easy to jump into at any point.

The Bugle

John Oliver of The Daily Show fame and Andy Zaltzman put an international spin on the news of the day, which means that I’m more likely to hear jokes about Silvio Berlusconi here than anywhere else.  These guys spend a lot of time cracking each other up and making each other groan.  Speaking of which, watch out for those pun runs!

Comedy Bang! Bang!

This show is hosted by Scott Aukerman and features a variety of funny guests who play themselves or play different characters.  If you’ve seen the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show on IFC, you’ll have some idea of the comedy dynamic but the structure of the shows are different.  On most episodes of the podcast, Scott starts by talking to one guest and then their conversation is interrupted by a “surprise” drop-in guest who is a comedian with great improv skills playing a famous or not-so-famous character.  There are a lot of great guests on this show, but James Adomian and Paul F. Tompkins are two of my personal favorites.

The Long Shot Podcast

Four comedians get together and make each other laugh while they talk about their lives, their experiences performing stand-up, and different topics each episode.  The dynamic is best when Sean, Eddie, Jamie, and Amber are all there at the same time, and especially good when they have a great guest who can keep up with them.   This is one of the few podcasts that I always try to listen to as soon as the episode is downloaded because I can’t wait to hear these guys again.

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Graham Clark and Dave Shumka are frigging hilarious.  They have different comedians visit them each week, and they have a great group dynamic together.  I enjoy the way they make me laugh, and I’m a fan of their segments, especially “Overheards” and “Hulk Hogan News.”  BTW, these guys are from Vancouver, so get ready for some Canadian accents, Canadian comedians, and Canadian humor!

This Week With Larry Miller

This show has been on hiatus for several months while Larry was on the mend after a fall, but I’m happy to announce that he’ll be returning with new episodes in January!  I’ve loved Larry since I was a teenager watching his appearances on stand-up comedy shows and late-night talk shows.  Then I thought he was enormously cool on his Law & Order episodes.  And then I loved his appearances on the Adam Carolla show, and I got in on the ground floor when he got his own podcast on Carolla’s network.  Anyway, Larry is great at telling stories about his family, about his experiences acting, and about the good old days when he and his friends were “baby comics.”  Larry is one of the best comedians out there, and his podcast is always worth a listen.  I would drink to him any time, but hey … Nominem Quid Geminus?

The Todd Glass Show

HEY … IT’S TODD!  This could be called The Todd Glass Show, or it could be called The Todd Glass Experience, or it could be called Todd Glass Laughs and Sings With His Hilarious Friends.  Now, I should warn you that once in a while Todd gets serious, for bits and pieces of an episode or even (once in a while) for an entire episode.  So if he’s in the mood to talk about bullies, or homosexuality, or child-raising issues it’s not going to be funny but it is going to be both emotional and informative.  But when Todd is in funny mode, he and his friends (especially Daniel Kinno and Rory Scovel) can make me laugh a LOT.  Oh, and this show is especially notable because of its use of music and jingles.  People have written in to complain that he uses too many jingles, but those people are wrong.  I swear to George Carlin, I’ll definitely never listen to the Golden Girls theme song the same way again!

I found this link via the io9 website, and it’s a frigging hoot.  Be sure to read the comments, since they’re the best part!

BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen

I’ve spent the past few days checking out a bunch of movies for possible inclusion in a bad movie podcast I’ve been contributing to.  Since one of our current guidelines is that we should be discussing movies that are available on Netflix Instant (so we will all be able to watch it, and our listeners will, too), I’ve been spending time perusing my Netflix options.  Here are the movies I watched over the last couple of days:

Hell Night (1981)

Netflix description: This cult-favorite indie horror flick follows a group of fraternity pledges as they brave a night of hazing in creepy old Garth Manor, where a crazed killer — the sole survivor of a massacre at the house years before — still roams the halls.

Well, that description leaves out the main reason that I picked this movie, which is that it stars Linda Blair.  And, I mean, she’s really the star.  Her name is above the title, and everything!  There are definitely certain benefits to being the star of this picture.  All of the fraternity/sorority kids are dressed in costume and Linda Blair is dressed for maximum coverage (except for her cleavage) as Little Red Riding Hood, so you get the sense that she is going to be the “good” girl and thus live the longest.  She also gets to benefit from the “informed attribute” principle, i.e. her entrance is greeted with a WOW, WHO IS THAT HOT CHICK? reaction.  Then the camera cuts to her, and … well, I mean, she’s cute and all, but in a chipmunk-cheeked kind of way, not an alluringly hot chick kind of way.  And she’s certainly not the hottest one in a room full of sexy coeds.  But anyway, other than that you get the general idea of the movie, which means that in typical teen horror movie fashion, there’s the usual mix of making out, screaming, and gruesome murders.  It’s not the best of its kind, but it’s not the worst, either.  Well, this film does have two redeeming features, at least.  One is that there are several genuinely good scares in this movie.  And the other is the fact that actor Peter Barton (of The Powers of Matthew Star fame) is very easy on the eyes 🙂

Night of the Comet (1984)

Netflix description: Earth has been ripped to shreds after a run-in with a killer comet, and those who have survived are in a fight for their lives in this campy cult classic. Valley girl Reg (Catherine Mary Stewart) and her sister (Kelli Maroney) discover they’re two of the lucky few. But scientists are after them, and now they must run. Why? Because the researchers believe they need the blood of survivors to concoct a drug that can save them all from further ruin.

Okay, kids.  Put on your legwarmers, pull up your collars, tease out your hair, get out your boomboxes, pull out the antennas on your gigantic phones, and get ready for a wild movie about the end of the world!  A mysterious comet passes close to the earth, and as a result most of the population is either turned into dust or turned into zombies.  A handful of survivors, including Regina and Hector (played by Robert Beltran, aka Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager!) have to figure out what to do next.  The special effects, such as they are, are pretty effective especially considering that this was not a big-budget movie.  Most of the effects consisted of zombie makeup, lots of piles of dust, and a red-tinted sky.  The most noticable aspect of the look and feel of the movie is all the stuff that dates it to the 1980’s.  Sometimes it’s hard to take characters seriously when their fashion choices are so current that they immediately look dated to modern eyes.  I found myself staring at the legwarmers that the female scientist was wearing (you know, as part of her uniform) the same way that I kept staring at the turban Lana Turner wore during The Postman Always Rings Twice.  Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be trendy!

But honestly, as long as you can deal with this movie existing in a 1980’s bubble, it’s really not a bad movie at all.  It’s kind of a cool story, as long as you don’t mind the music, the legwarmers, the big hair …

The Ghoul (1933)

Netflix description: Professor Morlant (Boris Karloff), a British Egyptologist, finds a magic jewel in the tomb of an Oriental idol. The talisman is supposed to grant immortality to those who are buried with it. So, Morlant arranges to have it put into his grave upon his demise. And beware those who might double-cross him, because Morlant’s spirit will arise to wreak vengeance on his betrayers! This film was the screen debut of British stage actor Ralph Richardson.

I had the highest expectations for this film, which unfortunately means that I was ultimately disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong; I love Boris Karloff to pieces, and I’m a big fan of The Mummy.  But while this movie occasionally had moments of genuine tension and suspense, it had many more moments of silly slapstick nonsense.  If I had to spend one more minute listening to that shrieking woman who thought that the Arab guy was a sheik … and then he started bossing her around … and then she kinda liked it … URGH.  There was WAY too much of that kind of nonsense, and not nearly enough terror.  It was very cool seeing a young Ralph Richardson, though.

The Man Without a Body (1957, or maybe 1958?)

Netflix description: Medical science goes berserk when Brussard (George Coulouris), a wealthy man who is suffering from a brain tumor, seeks the help of Dr. Merritt (Robert Hutton), a mad scientist who experiments with surgically mixing-and-matching monkey heads with different monkey bodies. Upping the ante, Brussard steals the head of Nostradamus from the ancient seer’s crypt, with every intention of transplanting the oracle’s noggin onto his own body.

Uhm … okay … how could you read that description and NOT be compelled to see that movie?  Right?  RIGHT?  Who’s with me???  Okay, so I’m clearly the target audience for this film, because I love old black and white SF movies with plots that are just INSANE.  Mad scientist?  Check!  Disembodied head of Nostradamus?  DOUBLE check!!!  On the one hand, this was actually a pretty normal story for about the first half of the movie.  I mean, I wouldn’t call the doctor a “mad scientist,” exactly.  Not while he’s working on monkey heads, anyway.  So the plot starts out pretty normally, but once we get to Nostradamus’ head … with the blinking … and the talking … in French AND in English … well, at that point it just starts getting ridiculous.  But, you know, the good kind of ridiculous.

Starcrash (1979)

Netflix description: Sexy space smuggler Stella Starr and her partner, Akton, set out on a mission to save the son of the Emperor of the Galaxy in this racy sci-fi flick. Stella and Akton go up against a host of villains as they attempt to stop the evil Count Zarth Arn.

Okay, that description is only the tip of the iceberg in the “why this movie is as nutty as a fruitcake” department.  Let’s see … this was an Italian / American production, and only some of the stars were able to dub their own voices.  It owes a lot to the success of Star Wars, right down to THE FRIGGING LIGHTSABERS.  Many of the movie’s special effects are so far beyond  ridiculous that “ridiculous” is the tiniest speck in this movie’s rear-view mirror.  Oh, and it stars … are you sitting down? … Caroline Munro, Christopher Plummer, Marjoe Gortner, and DAVID HASSELHOFF.  Hoo-Boy!  Anyway, this film was quite a hoot.  Part sci-fi adventure and part fever dream, this film would be ideal to watch with a group of friends who are in the mood to have a good laugh.

Visit to a Small Planet (1960)

Netflix description: Kreton (Jerry Lewis), an impish creature from outer space, has an insatiable curiosity about humans and their ways. When he journeys to Earth and parks his spaceship in the backyard of Conrad (Earl Holliman), a skeptic who doesn’t believe in aliens, both are in for big surprises. This classic sci-fi comedy is based on the successful 1957 Broadway play by Gore Vidal, who initially disagreed with the casting of Lewis in the lead role for the film.