Once again, I used my free professional pass to attend NYCC on Thursday.  I usually attend a panel or two, but this year I wasn’t interested in any of the morning panels and by the time the ones I wanted to see started, I was already on my way home.  So these are all photos I took coming and going from the convention and on the show floor, over the course of 3 1/2 exhausting hours: (more…)


I took the day off from work to buy some stuff and grab some freebies for my kids.  I’m going to take lots of pictures to share with my teens, as well as you guys 🙂

Stay tuned!

I attended NYCC on Thursday with my (free admission!) Pro pass, and I saw lots of teachers, librarians, plus a kazillion other people along the way.  It was more crowded than it’s ever been before, but I did get a bunch of cool stuff for me, for presents for my friends, and for my teens. (more…)

I spent the morning at the opening of a local school library, which meant that I only had to talk for about five minutes and then I walked around taking pictures of the ceremony for the school librarian for the rest of my stay.  I also got to do a little networking with the school staff and the local politicians (I met our new councilman, and he was very pleasant and funny).

Then I spent the afternoon walking around New York Comic Con … and walking … and walking … and walking.  I used to go to one or two panel discussions back when they would have the panels first and open the show floor afterwards.  But now they’re opening everything up at the same time.  So other than a delightful detour to the Thrilling Adventure Hour booth (I got a poster signed for my boyfriend’s daughter, and I got to talk to Paul F. Tompkins about his appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast!!!) I mostly walked around for hours buying stuff and picking up freebies for my kids until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore.  And then I came home to have dinner and rest.

Tomorrow I have to go downtown for a meeting in the morning, and then I’ll come back home to collect my NYCC freebies and bring them in to work … where I’ll have my most popular Teen Advisory Group meeting of the year.  Even kids who frequently space out on meeting dates tend to come in on Comic Con freebies day 🙂

Over the course of the last week, I took pictures at New York Comic Con, at several locations participating in the Open House New York program in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and at the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park.  Here are some of the highlights! (more…)

And more importantly, most of the pictures I took were NOT food-related for once!  Okay, so here’s an overview of the places I’ve been lately … (more…)

Went to New York Comic Con today.  Attended several library-themed panels, then wandered around the show room floor for a while, first with some of my library people and then with a podcasting friend of mine.  Filled my tote bag with a lot of free stuff, took a ton of pictures, bought a few things I needed, and also filmed some stuff that might or might not see the light of day.

I’ve been putting the pictures I took during the Open House New York program up on Flickr, and mentally sorting through which ones I could enter in their photography contest in which categories.  Well, it turns out that while in previous years they let you enter photos in different categories — interiors, exteriors, details, and people — this year you can only enter one picture.  ONE.  So now I’m even more confounded than before.  How the hell am I going to pick just ONE picture???  For now, I’m sorting through all of my pictures and occasionally peeking at the competition to see what everyone else is doing.

I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last several days.  Monday and Tuesday I was fighting and losing, but yesterday and today I’ve been fighting and winning.  I think.  In related news, every time I dose myself with zinc my taste buds are completely screwed up afterwards.

I’ve got some more class visits tomorrow morning.  A few weeks ago I sent out an email to a bunch of schools that were interested in scheduling visits, and only one of them wrote me back so far.  So now I’m visiting all of their 7th grade classes, and trying not to lose my voice from all the extra talking I’ve been doing.  I stand in front of that sea of faces, my pockets filled with lozenges, tissues, decongestant pills, and ibuprophen.  I keep sipping from my bottle of Vitamin Water to stave off coughing fits.  Such is the reality of booktalking season.

Next week I have one more class visit, three programs (one of which is huge), and three meetings (one of which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT).  It’s such a mess that it was virtually impossible to schedule a free day, which means that I’m going downtown to one of those meetings DURING my free day.  I suppose I’ll have to pick up dinner at the Shake Shack afterwards just to console myself … Luckily, after next week my schedule will go back to normal.

But in other news … how the hell am I going to pick just ONE picture for that contest?  Argh!!!