Here are a bunch of pictures I’ve taken in different neighborhoods in the Bronx and Manhattan over the last several months, including several locations I visited for Open House New York: (more…)


Over the course of the last week, I took pictures at New York Comic Con, at several locations participating in the Open House New York program in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and at the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park.  Here are some of the highlights! (more…)

And more importantly, most of the pictures I took were NOT food-related for once!  Okay, so here’s an overview of the places I’ve been lately … (more…)

Went to New York Comic Con today.  Attended several library-themed panels, then wandered around the show room floor for a while, first with some of my library people and then with a podcasting friend of mine.  Filled my tote bag with a lot of free stuff, took a ton of pictures, bought a few things I needed, and also filmed some stuff that might or might not see the light of day.

I’ve been putting the pictures I took during the Open House New York program up on Flickr, and mentally sorting through which ones I could enter in their photography contest in which categories.  Well, it turns out that while in previous years they let you enter photos in different categories — interiors, exteriors, details, and people — this year you can only enter one picture.  ONE.  So now I’m even more confounded than before.  How the hell am I going to pick just ONE picture???  For now, I’m sorting through all of my pictures and occasionally peeking at the competition to see what everyone else is doing.

I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last several days.  Monday and Tuesday I was fighting and losing, but yesterday and today I’ve been fighting and winning.  I think.  In related news, every time I dose myself with zinc my taste buds are completely screwed up afterwards.

I’ve got some more class visits tomorrow morning.  A few weeks ago I sent out an email to a bunch of schools that were interested in scheduling visits, and only one of them wrote me back so far.  So now I’m visiting all of their 7th grade classes, and trying not to lose my voice from all the extra talking I’ve been doing.  I stand in front of that sea of faces, my pockets filled with lozenges, tissues, decongestant pills, and ibuprophen.  I keep sipping from my bottle of Vitamin Water to stave off coughing fits.  Such is the reality of booktalking season.

Next week I have one more class visit, three programs (one of which is huge), and three meetings (one of which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT).  It’s such a mess that it was virtually impossible to schedule a free day, which means that I’m going downtown to one of those meetings DURING my free day.  I suppose I’ll have to pick up dinner at the Shake Shack afterwards just to console myself … Luckily, after next week my schedule will go back to normal.

But in other news … how the hell am I going to pick just ONE picture for that contest?  Argh!!!


I have a feeling that this is what it will look like after the world ends. Only there will be a lot fewer cameras around.

Oh, and for the record, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in New York City. Hooray for the Open House New York program!

I went to meetings yesterday and today leading up to some presentations we’ll be doing for the higher-ups in a couple of weeks.  Most of my presentation time will be devoted to booktalking.  Surprise!!!  Anyway, I have to do some follow-up work online, but most of the framework is done.  I’ll be glad when the BIG meeting is over, both because then I won’t have to stress out anymore and because all the pre-meeting meetings will stop screwing with my schedule.  I’m looking over the next few weeks and it’s very tricky trying to fit in school visits and basically impossible to fit in my chiropractor’s appointments.  So basically I’m going to be tense and … um … TENSE.

Anyway, now on to the fun stuff.

This weekend I went to the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, where I took a lot of pictures.

Then this afternoon I went to the Discovering Columbus exhibit, in which you go to the center of Columbus Circle, climb a lot of stairs, and enter the living room that has been constructed around the Christopher Columbus statue (which you’d usually need a zoom lens to see up close).  Honestly, the exhibit is both very cool and very surreal.  They do give you time to relax and hang out if you want — your timed ticket allows you to hang out there for half an hour, where you can find a comfy place to sit and relax / read a book / watch TV if you like.  But basically it’s worth about ten minutes of your time to look at the statue, look at the people looking at the statue, and marvel at the novelty of the fact that YOU’RE IN A FRIGGING LIVING ROOM ABOVE COLUMBUS CIRCLE!  I took lots of pictures there, too.

Then this coming weekend I’m going to be participating in a bunch of Open House New York activities.  I booked two tours on Saturday, and on Sunday we’ll be visiting a couple of sites in Brooklyn if we have access to a car, or in Manhattan if we don’t.  I’m excited that we’re going on a tour of The Intrepid on Saturday morning, and super-duper excited that we’re going on a tour of the next section of the High Line on Saturday afternoon.  And by “the next section” I mean “the section that isn’t open to the public yet.”  Man, I am sooooooo happy about that.  And I am sooooooo going to be wearing comfortable, sturdy, and closed-toed shoes for that tour.  Yay!  And yes, many more photos will be taken there.  I’m also going to enter the photography contest like I have for the last several years.  Let’s see how I do this time around …

Then on Thursday the 11th I’ll be going to New York Comic Con, since they have officially certified me as a professional.  Woo-Hoo!  Needless to say, I will be taking pictures there, as well.

Anyway, I’ve started adding pictures of my travels to Flickr, and I will be putting up pictures here very soon, as well.  Stay tuned!!!

It’s been such a busy week for me (class visits, programs, and more class visits) that I didn’t get a chance to finish sorting through the pictures I took last Sunday until today.  On the plus side, I finally whittled the pictures I took that day down to a manageable 200.  On the other hand, I now need to figure out which of those 200 I’m going to put on Flickr, and which of THOSE I’m going to submit to the OHNY photography contest.  Yikes!  So that will keep me busy over the next several days.

Anyway, since I only had one day to visit sites and I didn’t have access to a car, I had to figure out which places I could get to by public transportation.  I ended up going to one enormous site in the Bronx and one itty-bitty site in Manhattan.

My first stop was the New York Botanical Garden, where I spent several hours wandering around taking pictures and I only saw a fraction of the place.  My boyfriend made two suggestions — that I see the exhibit about the fall flowers of Japan, and that I visit the haunted pumpkin garden.  I only got to see the examples of the Japanese flowers that were near the entrance (I missed the main exhibit completely), but I did get to see lots of pumpkins (haunted and otherwise), trees, flowers, scenic paths, the Bronx River, and a very photogenic squirrel.  Here are a few highlights: (more…)