There are so many things I want to do, need to do, and promised to do that it’s not even funny.  My list of tasks is being sorted depending on deadlines, and then being re-sorted depending on how serious those deadlines are.

Do I need to put up new posts on my library’s Tumblr feed?  Yes, but I’m the one who self-imposed those deadlines so if I miss putting up posts on the day I originally planned it won’t be the end of the world.

Do I need to get in my magazine reviews?  Yes, because even though I’m not getting paid for them, I’m a professional and I meet my professional deadlines.  Usually.  And … well, I did write back and ask for extra time since I was going out of the country and the latest book they sent me was so big that I could conceivably kill people by beating them over the head with it.  And I was not lugging that thing back and forth in my suitcase.  But, you know, I’m back from Canada and that big book is still waiting for me to finish it.  And review it.

Do I need to finish re-recording some audio for a project I’m doing with my friends?  Yes.  And since it’s a group project and I don’t want to drag other people down, that gets added importance in the triage process.

Do I need to finish reading books / writing reviews for my book committee?  Absolutely.  But we’ve been so understaffed at work lately that my “off the desk” time when I’d usually be catching up on committee work has been pretty scarce.  And what little downtime I have at work has been spent regrouping and decompressing rather than coming up with coherent thoughts.

Do I want to update my website, my Flickr account, and this poor neglected blog?  Do I want to share photos of our visit to Quebec, as well as our visit to the New York State Fair?  Do I want to share thoughts about library programs, and weeding decisions, and dealing with problem patrons?  Definitely.  But everything I need to do is ahead of what I want to do.  And right now, all I can think of is “What needs to be done FIRST?”


Updates at some point, Dear Readers …


After not posting for a month, I announce that I’ll be heading out of town soon.  *SIGH*

My apologies, Dear Readers.  I’ve been juggling too many tasks lately, so more and more stuff has been pushed to the back burner.  Including these blog updates.  My bad.

So, I’ve been keeping very busy reading books and writing reviews.  My latest review book is over 800 pages long!  Okay, it’s in a graphic novel format, but STILL … In addition to my usual reviews — for the magazine and for the library — I’ve had a few “we thought you might like to do this extra thing” commissions.  All of which are coming just as I’m trying to tie up loose ends before we head up to Quebec for a week.  Yikes!  So on the plus side, my name will be out there more, and that will … I dunno, exactly.  Improve my Q rating?  On the minus side, I’m not getting paid for any of this, and my brain is starting to smoke.

I’m also keeping busy playing Pokemon GO (and doing so much walking that I’m getting shin splints) as well as Fallen London on my iPhone.  They are keeping different parts of my brain very busy — the text-based adventure with so much text that it’s like reading (yet another) book, and the game in which I catch bizarre and adorable monsters.

Fallen London

Pokemon GO

My boyfriend just retired, so we’re both adjusting to his new schedule.  Nine times out of ten, if I ask him if he needs me to set an alarm for him in the morning, he just gives me a look.  The great thing, of course, is that he has time to DO stuff.  Like take the car to the shop to make sure everything is in working order before the great drive north.  Like go out to dinner with his friends and colleagues (he didn’t want one big retirement party, but that means he’s having a dozen little parties instead!)  Like make me breakfast before I head out to work, fueling my walking-and-Pokemon-hunting time as well as the rest of my day.

Other stuff is … other stuff.  My brother has more ice cream and Italian ices in his freezer than before, which I DID NOT THINK WAS POSSIBLE.  But then again, it *is* ice cream season.


He also had more cans of Axe Body Spray in his bathroom than … well, how many cans of Axe Body Spray do you think would be in the average frat house?  So, just take that number and round up.

Axe Body Spray

Seriously, though.  SERIOUSLY.  I mean, is it also Axe Body Spray season?

On the plus side, though, he sometimes exceeds my expectations.  We had a death in the family recently, and while I was afraid he wouldn’t call our cousin to offer his condolences, he actually did it.  Which, for him, is a major achievement since he usually won’t pick up the phone and make a call unless the world is ending (or the microwave is broken).

In other news, I’m keeping busy reading, writing, taking pictures, playing games, watching the Olympics, and listening to podcasts (most recently added: My Dad Wrote a Porno, which you should totally listen to … but NOT at work!)

In not-keeping-busy news, I’ve been utterly failing at updating this blog and updating my website.  Which sucks.  And which I need to improve ASAP, or whenever I’ve finished tying up all the other loose ends.

So, Dear Readers, does anyone have any Quebec-themed suggestions?  We’ll be staying for several days in Quebec City and several days in Montreal.  I’ll take historical suggestions, fun suggestions, poutine suggestions, and anything in between!


I’m going to take advantage of the 3-day weekend and try to catch up on stuff — reading and answering email, taking a chunk out of my reading pile, finishing some more reviews, updating this blog, updating my website …

Oof.  It’s a lot of stuff.

On the plus side, I should definitely have some extra time on Monday.  Because I’m a very good girlfriend, I told my boyfriend that IFC is having a Three Stooges marathon from 6am to 6pm on July 4th.  Maybe I can use that time more productively!


To celebrate having three days off in a row, I took ALL of my stuff out of ALL  of my dressers and proceeded to make some tough choices.  Most of the results were pretty mundane — some stuff will be thrown out and some stuff will be donated to charitable causes.  BTW, Dear Readers, does anyone have a suggestion for where I could drop off used eyeglasses in NYC so that my old frames don’t go to waste?

But I did find a few items that had been hiding in the spaces behind my dresser drawers, and I also discovered a Latvian coin inside one of my mother’s old fancy purses!

One of my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day presents was a tour of the Woolworth Building. Today was the day, and the tour was both informative and entertaining. And as an added bonus, our tour guide was the great-granddaughter of architect Cass Gilbert! 

My boyfriend and I are going to see a live showing of the Comedy Bang Bang! podcast, which was a present I bought for him that was really a present for both of us.

We’ll be taking a tour of the Woolworth building, which was a present he bought for me that … well, you see where this is going.

We’re going out to dinner with the Geek Patrol.

I have several committee meetings, plus my YA Book Club meeting after work.

Now that some of my major work hurdles are finished, I’m catching up with my medical appointments.  This first one is this month, when I’ll see if those “first signs of cataracts” I was warned about last year are developing into the real thing.  Bleah.

Oh, and I might also be doing more class visits, but I’m waiting to hear back from my contacts to see if they can fit me into their schedules.

Plus I have so many review books to read that it’s not even funny!

ETA: AND we’re having a Mother’s Day shindig at my boyfriend’s parents’ house!

Busy, busy, busy, busy …