It’s been alternating between slow and busy this week.

I was trying to cram lots of YA books into my head before our last book committee meeting on Friday, and then after talking about those books I picked up even more books for next month.  I’m not sure when I’m going to have time to get through all my piles if I just keep rebuilding them, but that’s part of the challenge, I suppose.

Our branch manager has been on vacation, so I’ve been dealing with “person in charge” stuff more than usual.  Which sucks, but it’s one of the perils of the job.  At least I’ve been dealing with staff issues rather than “this angry patron wants to yell at the person in charge” issues, which tend to suck even more.

I did a lot of walking on days when the weather was good, and very little when it was lousy — like getting stuck in a rainstorm yesterday and staying out of the high temps today.  Today has definitely been a good day to stay indoors in the air conditioning and RELAX:

Luna Relaxing

We started the day with a lovely breakfast that my boyfriend made for us incorporating the Taylor Pork Roll we got this week (because I always remember Artie Lange talking about how getting a “Taylor Ham and Egg” sandwich was a big New Jersey thing):

Taylor Pork Roll Colorful Breakfast

Then we went to visit my brother’s apartment, where he had the windows open but NO fans and NO air conditioning were turned on.  My brother isn’t sensitive to the heat the same way we are; in comparison, my boyfriend and I were about ready to keel over.  My mother was the same way — she would turn on the AC if she knew that I was coming over, and would make a point of telling me that SHE didn’t need it.  Anyway, I’d like to point out that I THOUGHT about telling my brother that if it got too hot he would start sweating, and then he would need more Axe Body Spray … but I DIDN’T say that because I am a civilized person and I have self-control.  You know, mostly.

We left his apartment and took a trip to Whole Foods, where we planned to buy some cold cuts for dinner and something small for lunch that wouldn’t require heating anything up.  And yet we somehow ended up spending $169 on stuff that we didn’t realize we needed.

Now we’re back home enjoying our air conditioning and watching some On Demand movies, and we started with a documentary called The Wolfpack.  We’d heard about this movie a while back and we’ve been curious to see it ever since.  It’s a true story about a family in NYC where the kids spent most of their lives trapped in their apartment, and they learned about the world outside by watching movies.  It was fascinating, compelling, poignant, and uplifting.  It also made me want to find out more about what happened with these kids, and there is a LOT of information out there!  Coming up next, we’ll be watching Red Army, which tells the “Miracle on Ice” story from the perspective of the Soviet team.  [ETA: We just finished this film, and it was also awesome.  My boyfriend loved it for the hockey, and I loved it for the Soviet Union / propaganda angle.]

Next on the agenda … My boyfriend booked our vacation hotel a while back — The Mills House in Charleston — and I’m going to be planning some day trips while we’re there.  I also need to read some books, watch some TV (True Detective, I am compelled to watch you but you are stepping on my last nerve!) and work on some website stuff.


When you combine three of my favorite interests — food, cats, and photography — you get something that looks like this …

Luna Approaching

Luna approaching.  She’s been smelling the chili cooking for over an hour, and now that it’s being served she wants to investigate.  She starts off being a little coy about it …

Luna Investigates the Chili

Luna investigates the chili.  She’s zeroing in!

Checking Out the Cornbread

Checking out the cornbread.  I didn’t realize she was going to be so bold, and I had to shoo her down at this point.

Trying Some Turkey

Trying some turkey.  Yes, I got all the spicy stuff off of it first.  I’m not a monster.

Kitty Approves

Kitty approves!

One week ago, we adopted a sweet but shy black kitten who we named Luna.  Since then we’ve had a couple of developments and discovered several things about her:

Luna is a good name for her, but a better name would have been “Ninja.”  She’s really good at hiding in shadows and … everywhere else!

She’s letting us see her more and more often.  Usually she’s running past us as she goes from one hiding place to another.  But sometimes she’ll stop and poke her head out at us.  And sometimes, if she’s hungry enough, we can be in the same room at the same time.  If that room is the kitchen.  My boyfriend got a couple of pictures of her with his phone when she came into the kitchen to eat while he was there:

Luna 1

Luna 2

Luna 3

Luna 4

Luna 5

So, we’re making slow but steady progress.  Onward and upward!

So, Luna spent the first three hours in her new home hiding under the blanket in her carrier.  I knew that if I just waited long enough my patience would eventually be rewarded, and it was when she finally emerged …

Luna Emerges 1

Luna Emerges 2

Luna Emerges 3

Luna Emerges 4

… aaaaand immediately ran under the entertainment center, where she stayed for the rest of the day.  Every few hours my boyfriend or I would lie down on the floor and check to see that she was doing okay and talk to her for a little while.  She was doing fine, but she wasn’t coming out anytime soon.

Luna Under the Entertainment Center

It did remind me, though, that we should have dusted under here beforehand.  My last cat took a day or two to acclimate, and he spent a lot of time in this same spot.

Last night I was watching TV after my boyfriend went to sleep.  It was almost midnight when Luna’s head suddenly poked out from behind my desk.  She looked at me, froze, and then ran back into the library where she went back to her hiding spot.

My boyfriend got up this morning to discover that she’d eaten some of the dry food overnight, so he refilled the dish.  When I got up several hours later (I have today off, and I’m spending it at home), I discovered that Luna was no longer under the entertainment center!  Which means that she’s now hiding … somewhere else in the apartment.

I heated up some leftover chicken for lunch, and I cut up a small portion for her.  I walked around the apartment, going in and out of every room calling her name, making my best universal cat-summoning noises, and waving the chicken back and forth.  Then I put the dish down in the living room, where it’s close enough to me that I can see it but not TOO close.  And now I’m waiting for her to make her next appearance …

ETA: After spending some time wandering around the apartment with a flashlight looking for her, I finally moved the old couch and found her underneath it.  She still isn’t coming out, but at least I know where she is.  I put the chicken nearby, so we’ll see if that gives her any encouragement to come out.  *SIGH*

This is the ear of our new 8-month old kitten that we adopted this morning.  She’s incredibly shy, according to the woman who’s been fostering her.  When we picked her up she was already hiding under the blanket in her cat carrier.  She stuck her head out exactly once, but it was too quick for me to get a picture.  The rest of the trip she was either totally covered or just her ear was sticking out.

I know this is going to be a big adjustment for her.  The rest of her siblings were all adopted already, and she was the last one left.  I know that she’s incredibly shy, as she still hasn’t emerged from the carrier yet.  But we will be patient, and we are ready to help her adjust as soon as she comes out.  In the meantime, it’s a waiting game …

Oh, and I picked her name, in case you were wondering.  My boyfriend said I could name her, but I threatened to name her Floopsicle and he looked very alarmed.  So I thought about it for a while, and then I suggested that we could go with a flower name (Daisy?  Lily?  Buttercup?) or something from a book (Katniss — get it?  Because she’s a CAT?) or something representing night because she’s a black cat.  And so, Luna it is!

So, stay tuned for more pictures … AFTER she’s ready for her closeup!

Saturday I spent most of the day reading, watching TV, and hanging out at home.  And then in the afternoon my boyfriend dropped me off for my weekly visit at my mother’s place, which was mercifully short.  On the way out I snagged one of the phonebooks in her lobby because — Hey! Yonkers phone book! — and then we went to my library just as it was closing so that I could donate the phonebook to a good cause.  Seriously, you’d be surprised by how many patrons come to the library looking for phone books that we don’t have!

Then we went to the Hunan Balcony to have a lovely dinner (I had chicken and shrimp dishes, and my boyfriend had beef and pork dishes).  They seated us by the window, and the afternoon light was just lovely for photographing food, and so I did:

Crystal Shrimp DumplingsChinese Dinners

And then today I … wait, what the hell DID I do?  Well, the plan was to stay indoors because it was going to rain all day, and to catch up with my books and DVDs because my boyfriend was going to be out with his friends for most of the day.  Well, most of the rain held off, but I was already in the “stay at home” mindset so … I stayed home.  I hung out with the cat, who was also in a lazy mood:

Yawning Kitty

But, you know, HE’S A CAT.  So being in a lazy mood is a regular day for him.  Anyway, I finished reading a book I need to review by tomorrow, and I spent an enormous chunk of the day watching the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce.  Because, hey, I LOVE the movie starring Joan Crawford!  And while I did love the miniseries for the most part, the ending of the miniseries was, like, 1000% different from the ending of the movie.  So while I thought it was extremely well done, when it was over I felt kind of confused and bewildered.

And … oh … I see … Well, after a further investigation on IMDB, I’ve just learned that the ending of the movie was altered from the original novel.  So the miniseries is closer to the original story.  Okay, I still feel bewildered, but at least I see WHY I’m bewildered, if that makes any sense.

So then my boyfreind came home and we had dinner, watched The Simpsons, and Family Guy, and Cosmos.

And I can start being productive again tomorrow 🙂

Having a day off means sleeping in late.

Sleeping in late means the cat gets impatient for his second breakfast.

The cat getting impatient means he climbs on my chest while I’m lying in bed and stares at me, purring loudly, until I get up.



Well, I guess it’s time to start my day now …