Well, I suppose I could let my pedometer tell the story:

Pedometer photo

The activity of the last few days is typical of my time off.  Either I sit around the house doing less than nothing, only lifting my head when my boyfriend comes in and asking him what we’re having for dinner … OR … I go running around the city like a crazy person.  When my boyfriend and I have the week off at the same time, we usually spend some of that time running around together.

On Wednesday we went out to Broad Channel in Queens to visit the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and to check out all the cool buildings on stilts.  Today we went to Brooklyn to visit Greenpoint and Williamsburg, which involved lots of walking and lots of eating.  Polish food for lunch and Peruvian food for dinner = a truly international day!

Tomorrow we’re making separate plans.  My boyfriend is doing laundry stuff and family stuff, and I’m going to midtown and then stopping by my branch on a morale-building food-themed mission.

Pictures coming soon (featuring exotic food, cool buildings, scenic vistas, and “bison grass” vodka because … apparently that’s a thing???)  Overdue blog posts coming soon.  Bad movie reviews coming soon.  Stay tuned!!!