My boyfriend woke me up at 7:00 this morning, and the first thing he said was, “There’s no WAY the library can open today!”  I groggily picked up my iPod and checked my email, and … Yay!  Snow Day!

FWIW, our new staff alert system is … I’m going to say a little overzealous.  Between 6:00 am and 8:30 am I received MULTIPLE emails and automated phone calls telling me to stay the hell home.

Luckily, our fridge is full of food.  The same can be said for my boyfriend’s parents and my brother … well, if you consider ice cream, Italian ices, pudding, and soda “food,” then yes, he has enough to tide him over for a while!

In the meantime, we’ll stay inside and watch the snow pile up against the windows …

Snowy Window

Luna Watching the Snow

And then all we have to do is find stuff to keep us entertained and occupied all day.  I’m all for binge-watching shows on Netflix, but … hmmm … I wonder if I have anything ELSE that I could binge-watch?

Razzie Nominees

Hey, it’s a good thing that the holds I’d placed on this year’s Razzie nominees have all started coming in!  Now, of course I need to start negotiating over the TV controls with my boyfriend …

*diabolical laughter*

ETA: Okay, we’ve had our negotiations.  When we have time to watch something together, we’re going to watch The Fall on Netflix since we’ve both had recommendations from our respective coworkers.  If I want to take a break and he wants to watch something, he’ll watch Narcos (because it will probably be too upsetting for me) and if he’s busy then I can watch my Razzie movies by myself (because they’re probably too stupid for him … or so he claims …)