Hey again, Dear Readers.

It’s been a hectic few days.  I’ve been fighting off something lousy that’s been making my head and my lungs feel all out of sorts.  It’s never a good sign when your colleagues refer to you as “The Incubator,” which is why I actually went back home one day this week instead of contaminating the staff.  Of course, it’s Christmas Day and I’m STILL sick, so today I’ll be trying not to contaminate family members.  Let’s see how that turns out!

Because my boyfriend is a good and wonderful human being, before he even started the Christmas cooking he made me some chicken soup from scratch:

Chicken Soup

Oh, and that picture was taken with my fancy new iPhone, which was another good and wonderful thing he gave me today.  Isn’t that a really photogenic soup???

Anyway, the day so far has been filled with text messages and phone calls back and forth to figure out what’s going on with the dinner at my boyfriend’s parents’ place.  His daughter, niece, and great-niece ARE coming.  Now the nieces are NOT coming.  Okay, his daughter IS coming, but not until later, which means that she’ll be bringing the mashed potatoes … for dessert?

Now my brother is here (surprise — he got us DVDs for Christmas!) and we’re waiting for our portion of the food to finish cooking.  Because my boyfriend was in a culinary mood, this year he decided that in addition to a glazed ham he would also make a bacon-wrapped rib roast.

Rib Roast

Because frankly, what says Christmas like meat with more meat on it?

I’m going to take some DayQuil and some more of my homeopathic tingling stuff before we go to dinner.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to enjoy a wine-free meal, but we should have a good time with plenty of pasta, meat, and presents!