I usually schedule a few days off in December to catch up with last-minute Christmas shopping.  Today I went to midtown and visited the holiday shops at Bryant Park and Grand Central, and visited UrbanSpace Vanderbilt and the Fashion District holiday shops. I did some Christmas shopping and bought too much food, as usual.

Then I came home and did some laundry, recorded and uploaded a podcast, and caught up with watching the latest episodes of Fargo and At Midnight.

Oh, and I also caught up with various podcasts throughout the day.  Did you know that there’s a podcast called The Worst Idea of All Time, featuring two comedians from New Zealand who foolishly decided to watch the same bad movie every week for A WHOLE YEAR?  And that season 1 was all about the Adam Sandler fiasco Grown Ups 2 (which I watched last year for my Razzie Project) and season 2 is all about Sex and the City 2?

Well, there is, and you’re welcome!

Anyway, after all that happened I updated our library’s Tumblr posts.

And NOW it’s time to go to bed!