My boyfriend has spent the last several days shopping and the last 24 hours cooking up a storm.  My participation has been minimal, depending on what you call “participation.”  I mean, yes, I made the corn medley, but … well, do you count holding on to the plastic bag while my boyfriend pulls out the turkey and puts it into the brining solution participation?  How about photographing our culinary progress?  If you do, then yes, that takes my participation up a few notches.

This is Thanksgiving:  My boyfriend spends most of a 24-hour period cooking.

This is Thanksgiving:  I’m watching the parade and then the dog show on Thanksgiving morning.  While I’m out of the room, my boyfriend switches the station to Fox to watch the football game, and then promptly falls asleep (see the previous 24-hour period).

This is Thanksgiving: Just before 1:00 the doorbell rings.  Moments later a cloud of Axe Body Spray containing my brother enters the apartment.

This is Thanksgiving:  Our entire apartment now smells of cooking turkey, the ham glaze that spilled in the oven and started to smoke, and Axe Body Spray.

This is Thanksgiving: I document some of our more photogenic cooking progress:






This is Thanksgiving: Soon we’ll be heading out to my boyfriend’s parents’ place, where the real fun (and all the eating) will begin!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!