Today turned out to be my free day, which didn’t make a lot of sense because I just had a whole week off and I’m actually ready to go back to work now.  But it was okay, because I kept thinking about what ELSE I could do with my free time that I don’t usually have time to do.  Get my hair cut?  Do more Christmas shopping?  More food shopping?  All of those things were on the table last night when I set my alarm for 7:10 and asked my boyfriend for a wake-up call at 7:30 to make sure I got up in time to get to each location when it opened so I could beat the crowds.

Now cut to 10am, which is the time I actually rolled out of bed this morning.


Well, I spent some time staggering around my apartment, getting caffeine into my system and listening to podcasts.  And then I decided that I wouldn’t write off this day after all, but I’d just channel my energies differently.

Several years ago we put a lot of our stuff into a storage unit.  It was mostly books and videos, but we also put in lots of other stuff, as well.  I’m going to estimate that 90% of it has remained untouched since then.  Oh, we’d visit a couple of times a year to swap out bags of winter clothes and summer clothes, but hundreds of other items just stayed behind.  Then last year we moved from a studio apartment to a two-bedroom apartment, and we fully intended to get all of our stuff out of the storage unit at that time.  But it’s been slow going.  When my boyfriend didn’t have access to a car, we didn’t take anything.  During the warmer months when he borrowed his parents’ car, we would take home a couple of boxes a month, and depending on their contents unpacking could be a swift or lengthy process.

Anyway, we had the contents of several boxes from last week that had to be shelved, plus more boxes from yesterday that we hadn’t even opened yet.  So that’s been my task for the day — unpacking, sorting, and periodically saying things like “Oh my God.  THAT’S where this was?” and “Why on earth did I save this?” and “Wow, I’m going to need to hook up my VCR again!”  Oh, and since I always try to document stuff, I’ve been taking pictures of our storage unit experience, including a bonus shot of Kitty checking out the unpacking process 🙂

Unpacking each of these boxes is kind of fun and kind of weird.  It’s kind of like opening presents, only each of those presents turns out to be a time capsule of who we used to be!