It’s been a busy week so far.  I fought hard and (mostly?) won a battle against a sore throat / cold / cough combo that had me down for the count for several days.  I’ve had a bunch of class visits of the more tiring kind — excessive security checks every morning, plus running around the halls from classroom to classroom and packing and unpacking my suitcase at every stop.  Tonight was our night to have fun and relax a while.

I bought us tickets to see the Rifftrax Live movie tonight — a live broadcast that’s spread by satellite to theaters all over the country.  Well, apparently the hurricane that’s approaching the east coast (or perhaps the storm that’s a precursor to that hurricane?) was interfering with the satellite signal.  So … no movie for us tonight 😦

Which, like, totally sucked.  Because we took the train to midtown, had an early dinner just so that we could get to the theater early, and then sat around in the theater for an hour waiting to see if they could get it to work.  I was so sad afterward that I asked if we could go stop for a shake at Shake Shack to lift my spirits.  To my boyfriend’s delight, they not only had their normal awesome flavors but they also had their first seasonal selection for October:

Custard Calendar

That’s right; he had a pumpkin pie shake.  Because apparently he hasn’t had enough pumpkin in his life recently, what with all the pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin beer, etc. we have in the house.  FWIW, I will confess that I’m very interested in discovering just what the “Shackenstein” flavor turns out to be …

Anyway, then we came home and I put on a fashion show for him.  That was the other surreal part of the night.  Our staff is dressing “thematically” tomorrow, so I was basically going through my closet saying “better like this or better like this?” until we picked an outfit that he thought would work.  And BTW, if anyone thinks it DOESN’T work, then I’m going to blame it on him!