Work has been lousy and busy and EXHAUSTING lately.  I’m still not 100% healthy yet — I’m ALMOST there but my sore throat is still lingering and it periodically leads to some embarrassing coughing fits.  So that hasn’t helped my frame of mind when trying to figure out how to cover all of our desks and our programs with the few staff members who aren’t out sick or on vacation.

Let’s just say that I’m using this 3-day weekend both to recuperate from being super-busy over the last week … and to brace myself for Monday, when I’m going to be covering public service desks for six frigging hours.  That day is REEEEEEEALLY going to suck.

Today my boyfriend and I went downtown to see Jurassic World, because it’s one of the few movies in theaters that we both wanted to see and because I thought it would be worth checking out on the big screen.  It was a lot of fun and a good popcorn movie, and it had more humor than I expected.  I mean, you know … amid all the carnage and destruction.  Oh, and it really made me appreciate the appeal of Chris Pratt for the first time (yes, he was attractive in Guardians of the Galaxy, but cute guys who are good with animals are ALWAYS more appealing).


Chris Pratt and a Raptor


Anyway, after that adventure we walked around in midtown for a while.  We stopped in at Victoria’s Secret because I was all out of perfume, and because I was stocking up with several bottles I got a free bag of fancy sample stuff to go with it.  Then we went to Southern Hospitality where we had a delightful lunch that was too big to eat.  We got our leftovers to go, but then left the bag containing those leftovers on the table because I’m an absent-minded idiot.  Or we are absent-minded idiots, take your pick.  In any case, no leftovers for us 😦

Before heading home we stopped at Whole Foods because my chiropractor had recommended some homeopathic treatments for my sore throat.  Okay, I know that sounds strange, but she had other medical training before she became a chiropractor — she was a registered nurse, and she’s big into homeopathic treatments.  Since she’s the only doctor I see on a regular basis, if I happen to be having some other medical problem while I’m in her office (like, say, one of those coughing fits while lying face-down on her table), I’ll ask her for some advice.  She said I should try gargling with silver for my sore throat and taking chlorophyll for my immune system, both of which sounded very bizarre.  Okay, that’s at least in part because for a second there I thought she was saying “chloroform.”  Anyway, I’ve been looking for both of those things at stores near me with no luck.  But whaddaya know, Whole Foods had them both, plus some more fancy-schmancy lozenges for me to enjoy.  So let’s see if these supplements help me get over the last of my illness, or if they mutate me into … the Silver Surfer?  Or maybe a triffid?  Either one is possible, I suppose.

The rest of the weekend, we’ll probably keep busy with visiting family, getting in some more walking, and catching up with more reading.  As long as I get SOME relaxing in by Monday I should be okay …