I am officially down for the count.

I started getting a sore throat and a cough around the middle of the week. At first I thought it was connected to seasonal allergies (I HAVE been doing a lot of walking around in the great outdoors lately).  But by Friday morning I started coughing up green stuff out of my lungs, so now I know I’m fighting an upper respiratory infection.  My weak lungs and I have a history of those, and they always suck.

I had a meeting on Friday morning (I sat in the back of the room and did my best not to share anyone else’s air) and then I went to Whole Foods on my way back home to shop for stuff that would help me repair myself.  Many thanks to Betsy for the Throat Coat herbal tea suggestion; it’s soothing AND tingly, which is a very odd combination.

One of the positive aspects of living in a larger apartment is that now I’m better able to quarantine myself.  The cat has been hanging out in the bedroom, my boyfriend has been hanging out in the living room, and I’ve turned the library into my sick room.  I’ve got an open window on one side and a fan on the other side.  I’m sitting upright on the reclining part of the couch because, much like the Elephant Man, I’m not breathing so well when I lie all the way down.  And I’m spending my day ingesting a series of liquids — mostly herbal tea and soup, with the occasional cup of coffee in between.  I’m also trying to bring down the swelling in my eyes, which are all puffy and bloodshot.  I look like an absolute mess.

I’ll be spending 99% of my day indoors.  The only time I’m going to venture outside today is to help my boyfriend when he brings over our new air conditioner.  I will help him bring it upstairs, help him put it in the window, and then I’ll collapse for the rest of the day.

I was supposed to visit my brother on Sunday, but I’m going to cancel that.  And I’m supposed to go back to work on Monday, but I’ll have to make sure that I’ve progressed out of the “Typhoid Mary” stage first to make sure I don’t spread this plague to the rest of my coworkers.