Today was one of my vacation days that I hadn’t planned out yet, and when I saw on the news this morning that the High Bridge that had been closed for over 40 years was reopening TODAY, I took it as a sign that I should visit.

For any non-New Yorkers in the audience (or anyone not up on their aqueduct history), you can learn about this aqueduct-turned-pedestrian bridge in a couple of different places, including HERE and HERE.  I’ve driven past it countless times and was always curious about it, but today was my first opportunity to actually set foot on this historic bridge.  I started on the Manhattan side and walked back and forth to the Bronx getting lots of pictures (I’ll share some here and will put some more on Flickr shortly).  It’s a nice way to go back in time, and the bridge does have lovely views!

Approaching the High Bridge

Approaching the High Bridge

High Bridge History

History of the High Bridge.  There were several of these markers on the bridge, detailing different stages of the bridge’s history, the development and use of the aqueduct, etc.

High Bridge Panorama

High Bridge panorama

Bench View

Bench view.  I had to squat down to get this artsy angle; I made sure I was close enough to that fence to pull myself back up afterwards!