Woke up this morning with a soul-crushing headache.

Unclear if it’s a migraine, sinus headache, skipped last night’s after-dinner coffee headache, allergy headache, weather system headache, stayed up too late reading last night headache, or any mix thereof.  In any case, I woke up before 5am and started taking steps to try to fix things.  Made coffee and a bagel.  Took migraine pills.  Took Flonase for my allergy/sinus issues.  Waiting for relief, which is a long time coming.  On the positive side, my head no longer feels like it’s been cleaved in two with an axe, so … progress?

Today’s my last day at work before I have a week off (yay!) and we have a TON of programs to run at the branch (boo!) so I’ll be working through my pain by covering desks and rearranging furniture today.  My boyfriend will be able to give me a ride to work, though, with another stop for coffee on the way, so that will make this day suck a little less.

Next week I have a couple of morning meetings scheduled, plus a dinner out with friends, plus my monthly YA book club meeting (discussing the super-cool and scary Shutter by Courtney Alameda!)  I was also tentatively going to schedule some overdue doctor visits, but that didn’t happen because … um … I suck at planning?  I’ll mostly be walking and shopping, followed by more walking.  And I’ll also be spending valuable time reading and decompressing from dealing with annoying patrons, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

More updates and (long-overdue) pictures coming soon, Dear Readers!