I’m going to be unwinding after an ESPECIALLY hectic week by visiting the 9th Avenue International Food Festival this weekend.  It’s running from 12pm to 5pm today and tomorrow over a long stretch of 9th Avenue.  Anyway, it’s free to go, and then it’s just a long stretch of food stands where you can buy stuff.  A lot of it is pretty standard and you’ll see some stuff repeat as you go along, but there are also usually some cool / unusual choices as well.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I have been visiting this festival for years, but some years we either have schedule conflicts or we space out and forget that it’s happening.  But it’s definitely cool to go if you can make it at least once.


Based on my prior experience with this festival, I’ll recommend that you wear comfortable/casual clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting stained, remember to wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy, and if you happen to be part of a fitness challenge make sure you bring your pedometer, too.

Check back soon for pictures!