Oof.  I haven’t posted here for so long that I forgot what I’d been talking about the last time I made an update.  Let’s see what’s new …

I went out to dinner with some friends last night, and we had a conversation that was enlightening, disheartening, and perhaps of some theraputic value.  It was about work, and friendship, and work-related friendship, and stuff I needed to share because I don’t want to keep my agita inside and get ulcers like my mother did.  This was then followed by a further conversation on the way home about how I have to stop caring so damned much about stuff I can’t control.  And yes, I know that.  Or, at least, my brain knows that.  But my heart still aches sometimes because my heart is dumber than my brain.  And so it goes.

And speaking of my mother, I have her ashes in one urn and I picked up the extra urn she had in her closet (there’s a stupid and annoying story behind the extra urn, but it’s not interesting enough to share).  My brother says he wants to keep his half of the ashes, so I need to … get working on that … soon.  I told my boyfriend tonight that I would need his help dividing the ashes, and he grimaced.  So neither of us are looking forward to this, but we will pull ourselves together and get it done.  Soon.

I’m still keeping busy writing book reviews.  I’m still reviewing books for my committee, and still writing magazine reviews.  Actually, the last book I reviewed for a magazine was part two of a series, and they’d excerpted my review of the first book on the front cover.  Which was, like, totally lovely and awesome.

However, in the failed accolades department, I saw that I didn’t get the staff award I thought I had a shot at winning 😦  One of the people who did win, however, is extremely deserving and has accomplished a LOT over the last year.  I did realize, though, that a three-person meeting I’ll be attending next week will consist of the winner, the person who nominated that winner … and me.  Jeez, I’m not even there yet, and already I feel like a third wheel!

What else?  Luna has been doing well.  She still runs away from us, but not as far.  Does that count as progress?  I put up a set of pictures of her on Flickr, so she’s well on her way to becoming an internet celebrity.  Now if I could just get her to sit still long enough to pose next to a book or two, I could put some pictures of her up on Tumblr.

This month and next month, my boyfriend and I are enjoying a bunch of the anniversary presents we bought each other.  Some of the presents are for immediate gratification — I bought you some cookies … that we can share!  Some of the presents are strictly for one person — my boyfriend just bought an espresso machine, and I bought him three different kinds of fancy espresso beans from shops in Grand Central Terminal.  And some of the presents are events that we will attend together.  I bought us tickets to see the live Rifftrax version of The Room, and I also booked a Museum Hack tour of the American Museum of Natural History.  I discovered this tour from a recent episode of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin podcast, and I’m looking forward to a new perspective on one of my favorite museums!  And finally, my boyfriend bought us tickets to see Bugs Bunny at the Symphony at Lincoln Center.  Will I be able to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons in public without singing along?  Start placing your bets now, Dear Readers!