I e-filed my taxes today, which was more of a pain than usual but not as much as I expected.  I think this was the last time I’ll be able to wrap my mind around my taxes by myself.  This year I had to incorporate a 1099-R form into the mix for the IRA I inherited from my mother, but everything else is still in limbo until her estate is finally settled.  By next year I’ll presumably be dealing with life insurance benefits / stocks / etc. and I’ll need to sit down with an accountant and make sure I’m doing everything correctly.  As opposed to now, when I’m just kind of winging it.

We’ve spent more time than usual eating out as part of the Washington Heights & Inwood Restaurant Week (food pictures coming soon).  Oh, and BTW, this “restaurant week” is actually TWO weeks, so you still have time to sample some restaurants if you’d like.  So far we tried the Papasito Mexican Grill and Agave Bar where the food was wonderful and very filling and our margaritas were powerful, but the music was a little loud.  We also had dinner at the Tryon Public House, where the food was … well, it was very good for “bar food,” if you get my drift.  It was also good if you want to watch sports on a dozen screens at once, which isn’t really my thing, but if I WAS into watching sports this would be a great place to eat and watch.  We’re going to pick one or two more places to try next week, too.

My boyfriend and I have been getting more pictures of our new kitten over the last few weeks and days.  I have enough now that I’m going to make a set of pictures over at Flickr very soon.

This week coming up is going to be the anniversary of my mother’s death, as well as the anniversary of when my boyfriend and I started dating.  Last April was also when my aunt died and when Logan (our last cat) died.  So yeah, it was a hell of a month.  It feels good to be moving forward, even as I’m frequently reminded of the past.  Or at least I am on a weekly basis, when I go to visit my brother.  Yeesh.

And speaking of moving forward … D. is coming back from vacation soon, I have another book committee meeting coming up, I’m working on more book reviews, I’m working on a “Readers Advisory” skit for a future staff training, my boyfriend and I will be sharing several anniversary presents (which I can’t share right now because they’re surprises and he occasionally reads this blog), and we’re planning out our next summer vacation when we’ll be going to Charleston and Savannah.