So, Luna spent the first three hours in her new home hiding under the blanket in her carrier.  I knew that if I just waited long enough my patience would eventually be rewarded, and it was when she finally emerged …

Luna Emerges 1

Luna Emerges 2

Luna Emerges 3

Luna Emerges 4

… aaaaand immediately ran under the entertainment center, where she stayed for the rest of the day.  Every few hours my boyfriend or I would lie down on the floor and check to see that she was doing okay and talk to her for a little while.  She was doing fine, but she wasn’t coming out anytime soon.

Luna Under the Entertainment Center

It did remind me, though, that we should have dusted under here beforehand.  My last cat took a day or two to acclimate, and he spent a lot of time in this same spot.

Last night I was watching TV after my boyfriend went to sleep.  It was almost midnight when Luna’s head suddenly poked out from behind my desk.  She looked at me, froze, and then ran back into the library where she went back to her hiding spot.

My boyfriend got up this morning to discover that she’d eaten some of the dry food overnight, so he refilled the dish.  When I got up several hours later (I have today off, and I’m spending it at home), I discovered that Luna was no longer under the entertainment center!  Which means that she’s now hiding … somewhere else in the apartment.

I heated up some leftover chicken for lunch, and I cut up a small portion for her.  I walked around the apartment, going in and out of every room calling her name, making my best universal cat-summoning noises, and waving the chicken back and forth.  Then I put the dish down in the living room, where it’s close enough to me that I can see it but not TOO close.  And now I’m waiting for her to make her next appearance …

ETA: After spending some time wandering around the apartment with a flashlight looking for her, I finally moved the old couch and found her underneath it.  She still isn’t coming out, but at least I know where she is.  I put the chicken nearby, so we’ll see if that gives her any encouragement to come out.  *SIGH*