Since I’m killing time until my next photo op (the cat is now hiding under the entertainment center), I thought I’d look through my camera downloads to see if I had more food photos to share.  It turns out that I did!  These include store-bought stuff as well as some home cooking, including recipes we’ve been making with our new pressure cooker.

Hip Pressure CookingHip Pressure Cooking — one of the many pressure cooker cookbooks we’ve checked out of the library

Dinner PrepDinner prep

Reflections in the Pressure CookerReflections in the pressure cooker

Filipino Chicken AdoboFilipino Chicken Adobo

Food Counter at ParmFood counter at Parm on the Upper West Side

Red Octopus Guarding Cans at ParmRed octopus guarding cans at Parm

Dinner and DessertDinner and dessert!

Do You Need WineDo you need wine?

Chelsea Market Shopping SpreeChelsea Market shopping spree

DoughDough (Manhattan location)

Fancy Selection of Sweets at DoughFancy selection of sweets at Dough

Fancy Donuts From DoughFANCY DOUGHNUTS!  Featuring hibiscus (!), chocolate with cocoa nibs, and coconut

Breads BakeryBreads Bakery

Poppy CakePoppy cake

Fancy Jams and Syrups in Union SquareFancy jams and syrups at the Union Square market

Fancy Cocktail Menu at Root and BoneFancy cocktail menu at Root & Bone

Drunken Deviled Eggs and an Applejack SmashDrunken Deviled Eggs and an Applejack Smash

Chicken and WafflesChicken and waffles.  It is to swoon!

Our Bill Inside of a BoneHere is our bill, inside of a bone

Chairs Made From Old School DesksChairs made from old school desks.  My boyfriend and I were both hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Root and Bone SignRoot & Bone sign

Mels Burger BarMel’s Burger Bar

Death by Dessert at Mels Burger BarDeath by dessert at Mel’s Burger Bar

Nachos at MelsNACHOS!

Brunch at Tequila MexicanBrunch at Tequila Mexican Bar & Grill

Food PalaceFood Palace Gourmet Market

Tkemali SauceI looked this up online; it turns out that people use this sauce like ketchup in the country of Georgia!

A Curious List of IngredientsA curious list of ingredients

NapoleonOkay, am I insane, or is that supposed to be Napoleon?  And if so, does that mean this food product is very big, or very small, or … defeated by the Russian winter???

I am Both Entertained and TerrifiedI am both entertained and terrified by this mysterious food, which according to the label is made with “corn grits.”  I bought it for my boyfriend to try first, but he hasn’t taken the plunge yet so it’s still waiting for us in the cupboard.

Jelly CandiesJelly candies (I think).  Well, it has cute snails on the packaging and it’s made in Moldova so … you know it’s good?

Sparkling Fruit DrinkSparkling fruit drink.  Definitely pear-flavored.  Not NEARLY as terrifying as some of the other drinks we’ve sampled from this store.

Wafers With HazelnutsWafers with hazelnuts

Prep For Macaroni and Cheese With Kielbasa and MustardPrep for making Macaroni and Cheese (Variation With Kielbasa and Mustard) from the America’s Test Kitchen Pressure Cooker Cookbook

The Finished DishThe finished dish, which is QUITE delicious!  Honestly, it’s one of the best things we’ve made in the pressure cooker so far.

Big Apple Paella“Big Apple” Paella

Big Apple Paella SignAnd here’s what’s in it, in case you were wondering.

A Delightful Bacon DishA delightful bacon dish!

Panna CottaPanna cotta

Kvass InfoI was flipping through the book 1.000 Foods to Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover’s Life List by Mimi Sheraton and whaddaya know?  Kvass was on the list!

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken MenuBlue Ribbon Fried Chicken menu

Fancy Sauces at the Sauce BarFancy sauces at the sauce bar

Blue Ribbon Fried ChickenBlue Ribbon fried chicken

Making a Garlic Braised Lamb RoastMaking a garlic braised lamb roast

Pizza at AddeosPizza at Addeo’s in Riverdale

Cottage Cheese and Cinnamon Raisin ToastCottage cheese and cinnamon raisin toast.  I can’t explain why I like it, except that it’s part of my childhood.