This is the ear of our new 8-month old kitten that we adopted this morning.  She’s incredibly shy, according to the woman who’s been fostering her.  When we picked her up she was already hiding under the blanket in her cat carrier.  She stuck her head out exactly once, but it was too quick for me to get a picture.  The rest of the trip she was either totally covered or just her ear was sticking out.

I know this is going to be a big adjustment for her.  The rest of her siblings were all adopted already, and she was the last one left.  I know that she’s incredibly shy, as she still hasn’t emerged from the carrier yet.  But we will be patient, and we are ready to help her adjust as soon as she comes out.  In the meantime, it’s a waiting game …

Oh, and I picked her name, in case you were wondering.  My boyfriend said I could name her, but I threatened to name her Floopsicle and he looked very alarmed.  So I thought about it for a while, and then I suggested that we could go with a flower name (Daisy?  Lily?  Buttercup?) or something from a book (Katniss — get it?  Because she’s a CAT?) or something representing night because she’s a black cat.  And so, Luna it is!

So, stay tuned for more pictures … AFTER she’s ready for her closeup!