Tomorrow a Big Thing is going to be happening, so I thought I’d try to clear through some more recent events first before I report on the Big Thing …

Weird library patron quote of the day: an older man was checking out a stack of DVDs, and he said, “It’s raining out.  Nothing better than to have some scotch and watch a movie.”  I’m not sure what the correct response was supposed to be — was I supposed to say “I agree with you completely”?  Or “I hope you’re not planning on drinking in the library”?

I finished writing that article and sent it in.  Deadlines are my friend, which means that if I have a deadline hanging over my head I will get tasks done.

That being said, sitting down and making phone calls to try to figure out what’s wrong with my new-and-improved security settings on my hacked website is proceeding at MY pace … which means I keep putting it off.  Of course, to get this done, I need to be at home in front of my computer.  Whereas too often I’m at work, getting ready for work, unwinding from work, or spending the energy I have on the stuff that’s under deadline.  And so it goes.

I’ve been working with my Teen Advisory Group on several future blog posts, one tying into that article I just finished (so all of that work could be channeled into several different uses) and one tying into the topic of a meeting I attended this week.  Content, content, content …

I’d checked out a film noir called Ace in the Hole recently because I’d heard great things about it, and it really was amazing.  Billy Wilder made this after Sunset Boulevard (which I also love), but this one was not well-received when it first came out.  I’m not an enormous Kirk Douglas fan, but he was very well-suited to the part of a newspaperman who will do anything to claw his way back to the top of his profession.

Ace in the Hole

The dialogue was AWESOME, and I laughed out loud at a lot of phrases that were antiquated, over the top, SUPER-manly, or all of the above.  Lines like:

I don’t go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.

I met a lot of hard-boiled eggs in my life, but you – you’re twenty minutes.

When they bleached your hair, they must have bleached your brain, too.

I also learned some memorable trivia on IMDB about several of the actors in this film.  On Jan Sterling:

On a never-aired game show pilot called “Talking Pictures”, Jan revealed that when her dramatic studies ended in London, she traded her ticket for her flight home for passage on a steamship, in order to use the difference to purchase some lingerie. The original ticket was for The Hindenburg. Thus, she claimed that fancy lingerie saved her life.

And on Iron Eyes Cody, who played the uncredited role of Indian Copy Boy:

He was the man who played the Indian that sheds a single tear for a blighted American environment in “Keep America Beautiful” ads that ran from 1971 into the 1980s.

which is especially important in conjunction with …

Iron Eyes Cody was born Espera or “Oscar” DeCorti, the son of two first-generation immigrants from Italy. In 1924 he moved to California, changed his name from “DeCorti” to “Corti” to Cody, and started working as an actor, presenting himself as a Native American.

That sound you hear is my head exploding.

Oh, and this movie also included one of the strangest “goofs” I’ve ever seen listed on IMDB:

Rattlesnakes will not eat bubble gum, in or out of the wrapper.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Photo updates soon.  News about the Big Thing also soon.