I had a couple of days off, and in that time:

I made some (okay, a LITTLE) progress on that article that’s due by the end of the week.

I worked on my website troubles but didn’t actually fix them.  I’ve hit a couple of dead ends, which mean that the technical people might not be able to fix my problems.  So I might have to rebuild my podcast and website … from scratch … which will totally suck 😦

I read a few books — Audacity by Melanie Crowder (awesome poem-format historical fiction), Displacement by Lucy Knisley (poignant graphic-format memoir in the vein of Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast), My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga (a poignant friendship / romance / tearjerker story), and The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi (gripping and paranoia-inducing).

And speaking of paranoia-inducing, I also watched some TV, including Citizenfour, which made me want to unplug all of my electrical appliances and never leave my apartment again.  I saw episode 5 of The Jinx, which almost made me fall off of my chair at the big reveal.  My boyfriend was watching with me, and he turned to me after the reveal and said, “I just got CHILLS!”  That was Sunday night, and then on Monday morning I woke to learn that there was a new article in the New York Times about the Durst case that referenced what we’d learned the night before.  Yikes!!!

Monday was my boyfriend’s birthday, and I had taken the day off to go shopping for cool and fancy things.  I went on a SOHO/NOHO shopping spree, where I went to Uniqlo to go clothes shopping for myself, then to Pearl River Mart for some unusual birthday gifts, then to Whole Foods for ingredients for Tuesday night’s dinner, then to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken for Monday night’s dinner.  I went a little nuts in the food department …

Blue Ribbon Fried ChickenYeah, so some of that was going to carry over into Tuesday.

Oh, and BTW, the food was very good here, and the sauce selection was AMAZING (chipotle honey being a personal favorite!)  But the chicken wasn’t quite as good as the chicken at Root & Bone which was, like, TRANSCENDENT.  To be fair, Root & Bone is a sit-down restaurant and Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is an upscale “order and pay at the counter” place.  They’re within walking distance of each other, though, so you can sample both and compare for yourself!

So today I caught up with several loads of laundry and then I did some cooking.  My boyfriend is a fan of lamb but I’m not, so I try to make it for him a couple of times a year and then arrange a dinner alternative for myself.  I made a Garlic Braised Lamb Roast for him (with some of those extra BRFC side dishes) while I had sushi.

After dinner we had dessert, I watched the latest episode of The Voice, and then I tooled around online for a while.  I caught up on work / email / committee stuff and also browsed around on Tumblr.  Which is how I found several library-themed Tumblrs like I Freaking Love Libraries, Vintage Libraries, and When a Librarian … [ETA: Oops — and I almost forgot Librarian Problems!]

It’s also how I stumbled across The New York Times Tumblr called The Lively Morgue.  It showcases just a fraction of the millions of pictures from the NYT archives, many (most?) of which were never used in the paper.  I’ve found a bunch of photos that are really cool (just a few of my favorites), and several of the pictures have led me to discover some fascinating stories.  Be forewarned … that Tumblr is kind of a black hole of browsing.

I’m sorry, and you’re welcome!

Tomorrow I go back to work, so I’ll be getting back in my “regular” routine again soon.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures I’ve taken recently that I still need to upload.  And yes, they’re mostly NYC pictures and food pictures.  How did you ever guess???