It’s been a long time since I’ve used the “uncovering the past” tag and created a new post about the curious old stuff I’ve found while visiting my mother’s apartment.  That’s because I already found and documented most of the “big” stuff when I went through the drawers and closets several months ago.  But over the last month while looking for books and papers in different locations around the apartment, I discovered a few more buried treasures …

Swingline StaplesA very old box of Swingline staples

Unusual Ruler LengthsSome rulers of unusual lengths from my childhood.  Seriously, did my parents get these from the clearance section because they weren’t 12 inches long?

Reading GlassA “reading glass,” aka a magnifying glass.  This is a REALLY heavy, solidly build piece of equipment!

1986 Ube Industries DiaryWay back in the 1980’s, my mother worked for the New York office of a Japanese company called Ube Industries.  One year they must have given their employees blank diaries as a present, and my mother put hers away in a desk and never used it.  I got a kick out of some of the diary’s more curious features …

Business Lines of Ube IndustriesBusiness lines of Ube Industries

Main Engineering Activity FieldsMain engineering activity fields

UBE CityUbe City

Stuff You Need to KnowStuff you need to know!

Latvian Leather Book CoversLatvian leather book covers

Peasant DetailsPeasant details

Thick Glass Picture FrameThick glass picture frame

Black and White Baby PictureBlack and white baby picture

An Enormous WatchAn enormous watch

Suitcase StickersSuitcase stickers

Commonwealth of the BahamasCommonwealth of the Bahamas

Suitcase LockSuitcase lock

Deferred Compensation Plan VHSDeferred compensation plan VHS.  I took the plastic wrap off of this tape; it hadn’t even been opened!  Luckily, my mom had lots of VHS tapes so they still had a VCR.  For an unplayed, out-of-the box tape it didn’t play very well and had lots of tracking problems, but I managed to get some good pictures with my iPod Touch …

Living the DreamLiving the dream

Sammy Squirrel in HollywoodSammy Squirrel in Hollywood

Visiting LondonVisiting London

Tax Savings and Retirement SavingsTax Savings and Retirement Savings

1 Percent to 25 Percent1% to 25%

Squirrel PaycheckSquirrel paycheck


Curious Animal Characters at the Bus StopCurious animal characters at the bus stop

Stock and Bond PizzaStock and bond pizza … because clearly New Yorkers will understand information better if it’s on a pizza?  I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t use a bagel!

Deferred Comp WebsiteDeferred comp website.  Yes, the website is still there and it even includes a video, but unfortunately Sammy Squirrel does not make an appearance in it.