One of my Valentine’s Day presents to my boyfriend was a pair of tickets to attend the Good Spirits food and cocktails event last night.  We had some excellent food and some lovely booze.  I had two fancy gin and tonics because I didn’t want to mix my liquors, but my boyfriend had a wide variety of drinks.  I kept watching him when we left for the subway afterwards to make sure he didn’t keel over, but he was perfectly fine.  I told him that if I drank what he drank, I would have walked into a wall.  Still, though, the food and drinks were DELIGHTFUL.  And, you know, FANCY!

Brooklyn Gin and TonicThis would be my Brooklyn Gin & Tonic made with elderflower tonic, black cherry bitters, juniper berries, a slice of blood orange, and a sprig of rosemary.  Woo-Hoo!

In the curious interactions with library patrons department, I got an unusual comment from a lady after I’d helped her find some information online: Thank you for your niceness!  But Betsy got yet another creepy comment (surprise!) from the Creepy Old Flirt: After telling her to “stay warm” he ONCE AGAIN mimed offering a hug and said Don’t forget, there IS the old-fashioned way! which he then followed up with I guess it wasn’t written into your contract that you’d have to deal with people like me!


I’ve been watching the HBO documentary series The Jinx lately, which led me to reserve the feature film All Good Things, which is how Robert Durst and director Andrew Jarecki first connected.  I thought it was odd enough that Durst contacted Jarecki to tell him that he liked the film … about how he probably killed his wife … but now I see that Durst and Jarecki did one of the commentary tracks on the DVD (?!?!)  My boyfriend and I watched the film tonight, and while it was mostly awesome but sometimes straining credulity, I need to hang on to the DVD a while longer to watch all the extras and listen to that commentary track.  At which point I guess I’ll see if it’s more or less alarming listening to Durst’s voice if I’m not watching him blinking … and blinking … and blinking …

Also, Leonard Nimoy died today.  Did you know that?  I didn’t find out until I got home, and it made me really sad.  Or, rather, it made the little girl deep inside of me really sad.  The girl who was convinced that Mr. Spock would be her boyfriend someday because HE would understand her, not like those idiot boys in her class who would only show that they liked her by hitting her and then running away.

Boys were idiots, but Mr. Spock was cool.  HE would have appreciated me for my mind!

Anyway, while I was cruising the internet looking for some Nimoy-related stuff to put up on Tumblr, I found a couple of awesome things, including Leonard Nimoy Reads Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” and a tribute to his appearances on The Simpsons.  Of course, since I’m a big Columbo fan (and since my boyfriend bought me the entire series on DVD for Christmas), I’ll also have to give a shout-out to his Columbo appearance that we watched just a few weeks ago:

Leonard Nimoy on ColumboFor all the True Detective fans in the house, there’s some semi-spoilery news about season 2.

And for all the House of Cards fans, I found a very cute video that is a spoiler-filled recap of the first two seasons to get you ready for the third season!!!