I was scanning through this year’s Razzie categories when I got to the Best Supporting Actor nominees.  I saw the listing for Kiefer Sutherland in Pompeii, and thought … Wait a minute.  I rented that movie when it came out!  And Kiefer Sutherland was … OMG I just remembered that Kiefer Sutherland was the most INSANE part of that movie!

Pompeii poster

The challenge of a historical disaster movie is that everyone already knows what’s going to happen.  By the end of the movie, the Titanic is gonna sink and Mt. Vesuvius is gonna blow, and nothing we can do will change that.  Ah, but each of those disasters had some survivors!  So will our fictional characters survive these real disasters?  More importantly, are these fictional characters involved in love triangles, the struggle between good and evil, or something else that will help to heighten the drama?  And MOST importantly, are most or all of these fictional characters really hot, played by someone like Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow from Game of Thrones)?

Kit Harington in GOTI’m hot, I’m moody, and I’m wearing WAY too much clothing!  Now, if only I could find a project that would allow me to show off more of my body …

Okay, so Kit Harington plays a hot guy slave-turned-gladiator who is in love with a beautiful woman played by Emily Browning, who has been betrothed to the EEEEEEVIL senator played by Kiefer Sutherland.  Then the drama multiplies exponentially when the local volcano starts going off and everyone has to run for their lives.  You get the idea.

But now let’s move on to Kiefer Sutherland.

Evil Kiefer SutherlandI’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Kiefer Sutherland for years.  I’ve enjoyed him in lots of movies including Flatliners, A Few Good Men, Dark City, and Melancholia.  I was also a HUGE fan of 24, and I could not get enough of him shooting people and yelling about perimeters and being a total badass.  So when I saw him on screen in this movie, I was delighted.  And then he started talking.

The way his character speaks in this movie is … well, it’s like English mixed with snooty upper-crust mixed with sociopath, or something.  I immediately wished that they had cast someone else or that they hadn’t made him go with THIS accent, because he wasn’t really pulling it off and it was distracting me from the rest of the movie.  I gradually got used to his accent, so it was weird but okay.  And THEN he got the opportunity to chew some scenery, and that’s when things started to really go off the rails.  I actually had deja vu because it was so close to watching Ray Liotta act like a mental patient in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.  In both instances I wondered if these actors were being paid extra to act as nutty as possible.

Overall, I found Pompeii to be an enjoyable film that would definitely be worth sharing with (or inflicting on) your friends.  It was like Gladiator meets Titanic meets The Towering Inferno.  You get to see a love story and you get to see some super-fancy special effects.  And OMG, you get to see Kiefer Sutherland chew some scenery, too.