After I finished watching as many of the “Worst Picture of 2014” Razzie nominees as I could (ETA:  Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas isn’t out on DVD and my copy of Left Behind hasn’t arrived yet), I browsed through the other categories.  I saw that Tammy had been nominated for worst actress for Melissa McCarthy and worst supporting actress for Susan Sarandon.  I’d seen the trailer for this movie on TV, and it had looked absolutely awful.  Guess what?  I was right. Tammy poster Tammy is a painfully stupid and cruel movie.  It’s a lot like the Adam Sandler movies I’ve seen, and I mean that in the worst way possible.  Consider the parallels:  LOTS of physical slapstick humor that will appeal to the dregs of humanity (or to kids whose brains aren’t fully developed yet), mean-spirited humor making fun of stupid people / fat people / ugly people, and a star who has a hand in the creation of the movie and makes him/herself the butt of many of the jokes. I can’t think of too many things to say about this movie without saying the same thing over and over again, but that’s how this movie goes.  The basic subtext (if I can call it that) of this movie is isn’t that ridiculous?

Tammy is fat and ugly and stupid, and she gets fired from her job.  Isn’t that ridiculous? Tammy JobTammy is fat and ugly and stupid, and she wants to ride a jet ski.  Isn’t that ridiculous? Tammy Jet SkiTammy is fat and ugly and stupid, and she wants to rob a store.  Isn’t that ridiculous? Tammy RobberyTammy is fat and ugly and stupid, and she wants to be happy.  Isn’t that ridiculous? Tammy RomanceThis movie would almost make me feel sympathy for Tammy, except so many of her problems stem from her own decisions.  We watch her make the wrong choices over and over again, and eventually we start thinking Why are we watching this, again? and Why are we supposed to care about her, again? 

And then, like Adam Sandler in Blended, she evolves A LITTLE BIT.  In her case, this means that part of her evolution is that she bothers to listen to someone else speak for a change instead of saying something obnoxious. But since she suffers from multiple character flaws (insensitive idiot AND fat AND ugly), once she starts learning to listen she also miraculously learns to dress better, comb her hair, and start applying makeup.  So (and you won’t hear me say this too often) it’s a lot like an Adam Sandler movie, only it’s even more insulting.

I would definitely have voted for this as one of the worst movies of the year.  Hell, I would have voted for this as one of the worst movies of the DECADE.  The movie was a bad decision for Melissa McCarthy, and an abysmal decision for the incredibly talented Susan Sarandon.