My boyfriend and I are going to stay indoors for most of the day, because we REALLY got chilled down to our bones yesterday while we were running around the city doing stuff.  In related news, The Imitation Game was an excellent movie that left me with tears streaming down my face at the end, the fried chicken at Root & Bone IS superb, American Sniper was very good but not as good as The Imitation Game (according to my boyfriend, who had the emotional strength to see both of those on the same day), and the food at Palace of Japan was very good as always.

So we’ll go out to dinner tonight, but other than that we’ll spend the day eating our many leftovers and catching up with work / reading / writing stuff.  I need to get some more reading done (I brought SO many books home for my week off and so far I’ve only finished one).  I need to get those Razzie movie reviews written, like, TODAY.  I need to revisit my website issues to see if they can finally be fixed and I can start uploading content again.  I need to submit that staff award nomination form.  I need to get some tax prep stuff done for my taxes, my mother’s taxes, and my brother’s taxes.  I need to update my library’s Tumblr posts.  I need to catch up with my email.  I need to get started writing that article that will actually be earning me money.

I’m sure I need to get other stuff done, but it’s buried in my head under all these other tasks.  My plan for today is to try to alternate the fun stuff with the less fun stuff to keep my mood from getting too low.