My experiences with Hercules go way back, including the times that he was played by Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Alan Steel, Mickey Hargitay, and Kevin Sorbo.  So any modern version of Hercules is going to have echoes of the original myths as well as the interpretations that have come before.   For better or for worse.


The Legend of Hercules was one of the five Razzie nominees for worst picture of 2014.  Based on my knowledge of the previous Hercules incarnations I figured that I would be fine with this and that I’d generally know what to expect (i.e. – Hercules picking up one guy and throwing him at several other guys to knock them over).  Now that I’ve seen this movie, I can summarize it by saying that this is a movie featuring lots of guys with 6-pack abs who aren’t wearing shirts, overly dramatic acting, some obvious use of green screen, doofy special effects, and lots of tiny things floating slowly through the air (to try to look cool in 3-D, apparently).  Sometimes several of these things happen at the same time, and then things get even more entertaining.  On a related note, this movie would make a hell of a drinking game.  Take a drink every time you notice one of these elements.  Take two drinks if you notice two of these things happening at the same time.  Take three drinks if … well, you get the idea].

Hercules at the LakeNo shirt plus tiny particles of floating stuff (in this case, dandelion seeds)?  Take two drinks plus a shot of Benadryl.

Hercules Swinging the Rocks on ChainsOverly dramatic acting, plus no shirt, plus doofy special effects?  Three drinks.

Hercules and His Lightning SwordOverly dramatic acting, plus doofy special effects (in this case, his “lightning sword”), plus particles of rain in the air?  Three drinks.

Legend of HerculesOverly dramatic acting?  Shirtless?  Obvious green screen?  Particles of confetti in the air?  Okay, my head just exploded.

For added entertainment value, you can listen to the director’s commentary on the DVD.  Much of the commentary is spent by the director and lead actor discussing behind-the-scenes information that is entirely obvious to us (“This was all done with CGI!”) and things we wouldn’t have imagined (“There were fleas on that blanket that were biting us!”)  Another big chunk of the commentary was spent by each of them saying how much they liked each other, which I guess must have been a nice morale boost after the reviews for this movie came out!