I bought some delicious dumplings

I bought some wonderful bread

I bought some exotic donuts

I watched some pretty lousy movies (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers: The Age of Extinction, and The Legend of Hercules)

I started reading a great new YA book (I Was Here by Gayle Forman)

I bought some delightful brownies

I bought some excellent treats

I bought some fancy meat pies

I went to a work meeting downtown and used my brain for a while

I stopped by work to pick up my holds and drop off some morale-boosting brownies.

I worked on my website issues, which are still not solved.  Grrrrrr.

Today my boyfriend and I are going out to see The Imitation Game, and then we’re going to try some highly-rated fried chicken.  Then he’s going to see another movie that I would find too depressing (probably American Sniper) while I go out to dinner with my friends tonight.

Tomorrow is still up in the air as to whether or not my boyfriend is going to go in to work again or hang out with me for all or part of the day.  So my shopping/exploring plans are on hold until we figure out what we’re doing.  I keep suggesting we go see Jupiter Ascending together and he keeps getting this terrified look in his eyes.  Not sure what THAT’S about.

I need to write up my reviews of the Razzie-nominated films I’ve seen this year ASAP if I want to get those up before the actual awards ceremony this weekend.  So that’s a task I need to work on … SOON …

I’ve also just been offered a paid (!) writing assignment from the magazine that I’ve been writing reviews for over the last several years.  I write the book reviews for free, out of the professional satisfaction of getting my name in print.  Oh yeah, and because I get to keep the books afterwards 🙂  But this is the first time I’ll be writing something for a small honorarium, which will be a pleasant change of pace.  Of course, that means I’ll need to write more, that I’ll need to put my thoughts together more coherently, and that I shouldn’t follow my usual pattern of submitting my work at 11:59pm the day it’s due.  It also means that MAYBE I’ll have something worth submitting to our local staff newsletter next month.  I mean, my manager asks me to submit stuff every month but it never gets chosen, so maybe this will push me over the top.

Oh, and Betsy and I are nominating each other for the staff awards again this year, as soon as Betsy sends me her updated info (*hint-hint*)  Neither of us won last year, but I figure with all the committee work I’ve been doing lately that should improve my chances?  Maybe?

Anyway, it will be time to go to the movies soon, which means I need to start putting on the first of my many layers.  I mean, if it’s cold enough to freeze Niagara Falls that should tell you something, right?