This morning my boyfriend went out to Whole Foods to do some shopping while I was still staggering around the apartment making the rise to consciousness.  By the time he came back I was ready to go out, and he (very generously) opted to come along on my weekly visit to see my brother instead of staying indoors and getting the circulation back in his hands.

This visit wasn’t quite as bad/annoying as some of the others.  Although, for a sense of perspective, I do have to remember that my mother’s FIRST wish was that after she died, my boyfriend and I would move in with my brother.  Yeah … so … if THAT had happened, either I would have jumped out of a window by now or I would have thrown HIM out of a window by now.  I think the lesson to be learned here is that as much as it irritates me being around my brother for half an hour a week when I check in on him, IT’S ONLY HALF AN HOUR A WEEK.  And I can probably manage that without strangling him or throwing him out of a window.

Uhm … did I say probably?  I meant definitely!

Anyway, one of the benefits of stopping by my mom’s apartment is finding cool old stuff which might or might not still be useful.  But hey, even if it isn’t practical, cool still counts.  Right?

Old Office SuppliesOkay, I know that my mother always stocked up on everything like she thought the apocalypse might happen, but that’s a LOT of staples!  I mean, even when we were a family of four (and I’m pretty sure that one of those boxes dates back to my childhood), we wouldn’t have needed THAT many staples!  I also wonder if tape eventually deteriorates — does it stop working if it’s years old, or decades old?  Well, I took a box of staples (the coolest and oldest box, because I’m into that kind of thing).  I also took some tape to bring to work (we have lots of empty tape dispensers around).  So we’re going to see if decades-old tape still works!

There was also more office-related stuff around, like several rulers of unusual lengths that have been around since my childhood.  I know this because a) there is a picture of me on my first day of kindergarten holding one of these wooden rulers and b) my name is still on these rulers in permanent marker.

I found a few more things in the apartment that I thought were interesting, and I took so many pictures of the stuff I found that they’re going to make up their own post (stay tuned!)  So then we left and waited in the cold for a bus for a while, then we got off that bus to do some more shopping to make sure we don’t have to leave the house tomorrow.  Then we stopped to pick up some fancy coffees to energize us and to warm us up, then we waited in the cold for another bus, and then we came home and WE ARE NOT LEAVING BECAUSE IT’S TOO DAMNED COLD OUTSIDE!

Even though I’m on vacation I have a rescheduled work meeting in midtown on Tuesday morning, so that’s the next time I’m planning to put all my layers back on and leave the house.  The rest of the week I’ll be going back and forth doing stuff I’ve already penciled into the calendar and seeing if I can fit some fun stuff in, too.  There are a couple of fried chicken places I’ve been meaning to try, some NYC locations I want to photograph, some bad movies I need to watch, and some books I need to read.

For tonight I need to work on some book reviews, plus some more website stuff I need to do (my problems are improved, but not yet over).  So stay tuned for some pictures, reviews, and more!