My website troubles are still troubling.  I was given a solution that is not promising to be a quick one.  Urgh.  I’m still hoping to have it have it resolved within a few days, but I hoped it would have been fixed by now.

I’m reading some good books and watching some bad movies.  Stay tuned for some book reviews as well as some Razzie Project reviews soon!

My “downtime” between committees is drawing to a close, and that didn’t seem like a lot of time at all.  Getting back in YA reviewing mode, which means I should be pushing myself harder to read instead of playing games / watching TV / staring off into space.

My sleep cycle has been off for the last few days, so I’ve been spending my afternoons feeling wiped out and woozy.  I’d like to say I’m going to wrangle my sleep cycle back into shape, but I’m on vacation next week so that’s probably not gonna happen.

Low point of the day — seeing a bunch of teenagers come into the children’s room with all kinds of Chinese take-out food and then proceed to start eating like they were in a frigging restaurant.

High point of the day — Betsy showed me the Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date video, which made me laugh so hard that I cried.  Which was a little alarming to the patron who then walked over for me to check out his books while I had tears running down my face.  Yeah, it might not have been not the best thing to share at the service desk.