Remember those pictures that I lost when my iPod died and it had to be reset?  Well, all the pictures mysteriously reappeared!  Woo-Hoo!

That’s the good tech news.  In bad tech news, my website (not this one, another one), has been having serious issues which I thought were completely solved but it seems they weren’t.  When I have some time to sit in front of my computer again I have to get back in touch with the GoDaddy people to see if they can walk me through it.  Urgh.

I was working in the children’s room and got to overhear a 10-year-old make a “That’s what SHE said” joke to his little friends (REALLY?  Frigging 10-year-olds?)  Bonus points: I was standing directly behind him when he said it, and took much delight in watching his slow turn and embarrassed reaction afterwards.

Well, this might have been the strangest lost-and-found item we’ve had at the library for a while:

Toy Sword 1Toy Sword 2Since I know you’re wondering, I can tell you that according to the label it’s a Buccaneer Skull Sword and Sheath.  And that it’s entirely plastic and it’s made in China, but you probably deduced that on your own.

Those are the highlights so far.  I’m going to be doing some public speaking later this afternoon, which kills my usual “no eating before public speaking” plan.  So I’m already going through my usual fight-or-flight reaction.  I’m happy and proud to speak, but still … you know … panicking.  Oh, and my boyfriend is going to be one of the people in the audience, so on the plus side he’ll be able to take pictures and will be able to see my brilliance shine.  On the other hand … you know … panicking.

So that should be fun!