So here’s the thing.  I had this idea to take pictures before and after the monumental blizzard that had been predicted, and put them up as a series so we could see How the World Changed.  And then, naturally, I thought we could compare photos of this year’s blizzard to the blizzard that hit NYC in 1888, and wouldn’t THAT just be awesome?

But then we only got about 10 inches of snow in the city, so the end result was a little anticlimactic.  However, I got some cool shots before the storm started and as the storm began, and there is SOME snow on the ground now (and it is EXTREMELY FRIGGING COLD OUTSIDE), so let’s look at what I’ve got:

Windswept SkyWindswept sky

Inside the Snow Covered CarInside the snow-covered car

Snow on the Subway TracksSnow on the subway platform

Footprints in the Snow at NightFootprints in the snow at night

Snow Against the WindowsSnow against the windows this morning

Building EntranceBuilding entrance

Glass DoorGlass door


Newspaper BoxesNewspaper boxes