My original plan for the end of the week was to get through my work-related stuff (writing booktalks and Tumblr posts) and getting to the important and entertaining business of writing bad movie reviews.  I figured I was getting a jump start on the Razzie Awards by watching Transcendence and Winter’s Tale, but … they weren’t nominated???  Huh.  So I guess I’ll be working on those reviews and THEN I’ll start on this year’s Razzie Project.

Well, my work-related plans derailed because WORK derailed.  We had an emergency closing today, so I had to figure out how to restructure my day.  I did some shopping on my way home, and I’m about to have shumai and sushi for lunch and then I’ll be making turkey chili for dinner.  I am nothing if not international!

And then while I was sitting at my desk trying to figure out what to do next the phone rang.  It was a man from the NYS retirement system calling about my mother’s retirement account.  Apparently they have everything they need except a certified copy of her death certificate, which I can mail them.  At which point he told me how much money they had for me, which I found VERY surprising.  Not the amount (although that was very nice), but the fact that they told me at all.  I’ve discovered over the last few months that being a beneficiary means that people tend to not want to tell me anything over the phone.  So I’ll get the certificate and send it in and then … well, I’ll either have a Scrooge McDuck-style party where I go swimming in my riches, or else I’ll end up putting it into one of my many Chase accounts because that’s what grown-ups do.

Wait a minute … Scrooge McDuck was a grown-up, wasn’t he?

Scrooge McDuck

ANYWAY, if I hadn’t been home I wouldn’t have been here to get that phone call and get that update.  So it was nice to get a jump start on some good news, anyway.