I had a few more goals for my week off.  I had a few successes, a few partial successes, and one abject failure.  I wanted to see a couple of lousy new movies, so I checked out two movies from the library that had terrible reviews:

Lousy Movies

I saw one of them already (hoo-boy!) and I’m going to make my boyfriend watch the other one with me tonight.  Stay tuned for my reviews!

I wanted to do some cooking and I wanted to do some food shopping.  I did, and I did, although I only got to ONE of those burger places (BurgerFi) in part because of weather problems and transportation problems.  By which I mean I have limited patience for crosstown buses that don’t show up while I’m standing there shivering in the snow.  Anyway, food pictures are coming up later today.

I also wanted to take pictures in different locations in NYC, but because of the cold/transportation issues I basically just took pictures on my way to and from the places I was going to anyway.  So there’s nothing exotic, but I got some good pictures of cold and snowy stuff.  I’ll work on those today, too.

And I also wanted to catch up with my laundry this week, but that was the “abject failure” part.  It’s been so cold out that several days (like today) I didn’t leave the house AT ALL.  And my new apartment has several great advantages from my previous place, but one of the disadvantages is that there’s no laundry facility in my building.  And just the very IDEA of getting dressed up in all my layers to go down the street to do my laundry has been too much of a hurdle to overcome.  Luckily, I still have lots of sweaters left in my closet, so I’ll be making my way through those for a little while longer.

Okay, that’s all for now.  I’ll be spending the rest of my day eating leftovers, reading, listening to podcasts, and working on these blog posts.  Stay tuned for new pictures later today!