Saturday night I went out with the Geek Patrol for a lovely dinner at a Peruvian place called Pio Pio.

Pio Pio

After exploring around on their website, we discovered that the specialties of the house were rotisserie chicken, a mysteriously delicious green sauce (to go with the chicken, or perhaps with everything?), and Pisco Sours.  So naturally, we had to try all of those things and more.

Pisco Sour

This was our first Pisco Sour of the night.  It was not our last.

The waiter explained that many of the dishes were suitable for sharing, so we ended up ordering one appetizer, one ceviche, and three main dishes for everyone to share.  Before the food was delivered, we got some drinks …

Fancy Drink Menu

and the infamous green sauce was delivered to the table so we could stare at it in anticipation.

Magical Green Sauce

Then the food was delivered, and wow, there was a lot of stuff to share!


Chicken and More Chicken

At the end of the night, we’d spent a little more than we’d intended but we were very full and happy.  And I discovered that a Pina Picochito was a very curious drink, indeed.

The Remains of My Drink

But then again, I guess if you order something that contains pineapple, a “cilantro muddle,” and at least one spicy ingredient, you’ll definitely have something out of the ordinary!

I don’t have the rest of the week planned out yet, but I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading, some shopping, and perhaps some more food adventures!