While we officially moved into our new apartment in August and we did a LOT of work over the first month or so, after that our sprucing-up activity started winding down.  I wanted us to finish fixing up the apartment, which is why I invited my Geek Patrol friends over at the end of December.  Because deadlines make you get stuff done.

Over the last month we started picking up smaller items that we could bring home in the car — a new rug for the library and a new table for the entranceway.  Then we revisited Bob’s Discount Furniture to order some additional stuff for the living room (a loveseat / ottoman combo, a chair, and a coffee table) and we went to Ikea to get a couple of carts with butcher-block tops that we could use for storage / workspace in the kitchen.

Step 1 was assembling the Ikea furniture, which I did all by myself (okay, my boyfriend had to teach me how to use a drill, but AFTER THAT I did it myself).  I took lots of awesome photos of the assembly process, but sadly those pictures vanished when my iPod died and had to be resurrected.  But I can show you the finished products, anyway:

Completed Ikea Kitchen Cart

Carts in the Kitchen

Then the day before my friends came over the furniture was delivered, and we got the furniture set up in the living room and library AND put up all of our artwork on the same day (it was one heck of a day!)

Loveseat and Ottoman

Chair and Coffee Table

Artwork Detail

[These were presents from my boyfriend which I loved to pieces, and they were a big hit with my friends, too!]

And then as a final touch before my friends came over, my boyfriend bought a “holiday lavender tree” because … well, do you NEED a reason for a lavender tree?

Holiday Lavender Tree

I mean, it did smell nice and it made the place more welcoming, so that’s as good a reason as any!

Anyway, we’re now open for business in the company department, which means that if people come over they won’t have to sit on the floor.  It also means that we can never move back into a smaller apartment unless we want to put more stuff in storage.