Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing still on?

Oof, it’s been a busy month.  Or two.  So, most of the last two months looked kind of like this:

Review CopiesJust piles and piles of review books, first for one committee and then for another one, which ended up being about five times as hard as the first one.  I volunteered for both tasks, which makes me an idiot.  Or at least a well-read idiot.

I had piles of books on and above my desk at work, by my computer at home, and in our “library” at home.  Truth be told, we haven’t gotten our books out of the storage unit yet, so most of the books in our home library were my book committee review titles.  On the plus side, I am now WAY more up-to-date on YA literature than I’ve been for the last several years.  Still, though, my brain kinda hurts.

When I wasn’t reviewing books I would take breaks and let my brain untangle (or re-wire itself) by playing computer games.  First I played through season 1 of a game I’d heard about through an episode of the Idle Thumbs Podcast called The Last Door.  It’s a point-and-click adventure game that’s very low tech in terms of graphics but weird and awesome in terms of storytelling.  The story is very very … um … I guess “weird” IS the best word for it …

The Last Door gameIt’s definitely worth playing, if just to try to wrap your mind around the story!

I’ve also spent (way too much) time playing a game on my iPod called Trivia Crack (I’m linking to their twitter account because that’s in English but their main website is in Spanish) (which might explain all the translated questions)  It’s a little like Trivial Pursuit, only cuter.  And more addictive.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let’s see … what else?  Oh, when I went to pick up a prescription at Rite Aid recently, I discovered that while there are many products they carry that can help save my life, they might secretly be trying to kill me …

Salty SnacksREALLY, Rite Aid?  You have to have an entire “salty snacks” section???  Argh!!!

Other than that, I occasionally managed to go somewhere that wasn’t work or home.  I made several trips to the Columbus Circle holiday market to go Christmas shopping and food shopping, and today we walked around Fort Tryon Park before going to the New Leaf Restaurant for brunch.  Even though it was a gray morning we still got some very scenic views:

Scenic View From Linden TerraceAnd we got a kick out of watching all the frisky squirrels running around:

Fort Tryon Park SquirrelSo my plan for today was to go back through my iPod which, as I mentioned recently, was filled to bursting with photos of all kinds of stuff.  Well, I discovered today that when my iPod crashed just last night and I had to restore its original settings and then reinstall all my old stuff … I lost all of my pictures that had been saved on my iPod.  Which really really REALLY sucks.

So what I did was go back through my email and look through my sent folder to try to track down copies of at least SOME of my pictures.  And I was able to get copies of many pictures that I’d forwarded to my friends over the last month.  Some of them are in this post, and some will be appearing in my next two posts I’ll be working on today — one about the process of getting our apartment “company ready” and one of food pictures I’d taken recently.

Stay tuned for those posts, and then I’ll be getting back to my semi-regular blogging schedule for a while, at least until my book committee work starts back up again …