If looking at pictures of food makes you happy, read on.  If looking at pictures makes you jealous or grumpy, then avert your eyes now.  You’ve been warned.

Over the last month, I did a lot of food shopping at the Columbus Circle Holiday Shops.  They had lots of great exotic choices, and I was a big fan of their Asian food assortment and their delightful baked goods.

Korean Chili Wings and Tacos

Korean Chili, Wings, and Tacos

Dumplings and Ramen

Dumplings and Ramen

The Baking Bean

Okay, “The Baking Bean” logo was frankly more alarming than appetizing, but their food was wonderful!

I also did some cooking of my own.  I went to the farmer’s market looking for a roast that I could use for one of my old recipes (brisket or sauerbraten), but they had a top sirloin roast available so I decided to try that instead.  I looked around online until I found a recipe for Crock Pot Garlic Top Sirloin Pot Roast.  I didn’t have enough time to refrigerate the onions like I usually do, so I decided to try another recommended method to keep the tears away.  I’d read that cutting up the onion while an open flame was nearby (say, on the back burner of the stove) would reduce the gas that makes you tear up:

Cutting Up Onions Without Crying

And do you know, it ACTUALLY WORKED!  Then I had to make cuts all over the roast and stick garlic slivers in each one.  I didn’t quite have the hang of that part, so my roast looked more like a porcupine than anything else …

Top Sirloin Roast in the Crock Pot

but it turned out very well anyway.

When my Geek Patrol friends came over to visit, my boyfriend picked up a weird beverage in honor of their visit:

A Bottle of Wassail

Wassail?  In a bottle?  Apparently, yes, that’s a thing.  Oh, and if you’re wondering what it tastes like, I can only say that it’s like a cross between a fruit punch and a potpourri. By which I mean it’s very strange, indeed.

We had a lot of great food for dinner that night, most of which I forgot to photograph or was eaten so quickly that we didn’t have time to take a picture.  I did, however, manage to immortalize the last of Hawk’s cherry cheesecake.

The Last of the Cherry Cheesecake

Mmmmmm … cherry cheesecake …

We also did some more exotic shopping at our local “what on earth is THIS?” Eastern European gourmet food store.  This time around we got a “black currant kvas monastyrskiy” beverage that was good but not as good as the one we tried earlier with the peasant lady on the bottle:

Black Currant Kvas

We also bought another flavor of the sparkling Georgian lemonade, this time in tarragon flavor.  Wait … TARRAGON?

Tarragon Georgian Lemonade

We bought this a little while ago but we hadn’t actually opened it yet.  So I figured that since I was going to mention it here I should actually try some, and … well THAT was unexpected!!!

Green Sparking Lemonade

Okay.  First thing’s first.  That is NOT a color found in nature!  It’s more like … Easter egg dye?  Or maybe antifreeze?  In any case, the color is alarming and the taste is confusing.  Perhaps this is what tarragon tastes like, but honestly, I have no idea.

And finally, I’ll bring you all back from the brink of madness with a picture of the brunch I had today at the New Leaf Restaurant in Fort Tryon Park: Challah French Toast with carmelized bananas and chicken-apple sausage.  Delicious!!!

Challah French Toast With Bananas and Sausage