I originally scheduled today off as an extra Christmas shopping day.  While I didn’t end up wandering around Manhattan looking for festive things in holiday markets, instead I  …

  • Went to the chiropractor
  • Bought some desserts
  • Read and reviewed a book for a “best books of the year” list (okay, I only read 50 pages of it, but it was enough to know that it wasn’t even close to being one of the best)
  • Did several loads of laundry
  • Assembled most of a kitchen island we bought at Ikea over the weekend (I only had to stop because we didn’t have the right size drill bit so I couldn’t get too far past step 15 until my boyfriend gets one later this week) (BTW, stay tuned for a future Ikea-themed blog post!)
  • Caught up with some TV shows I’d recorded over the last week
  • Caught up with a bunch of email
  • Recorded and uploaded a podcast
  • And — hey — I did some online shopping today.  So that counts, right?