We’re going to be having the family meal at my boyfriend’s parents’ place, but we’re doing most of the cooking.  We made a couple of things over the last few days, like Slow Cooker Sage and Sausage stuffing:

Stuffing in the Crock Pot

and a delightful Corn Medley:

Corn Medley

Then today my boyfriend was up at 4am to start working on the turkey (while I, on the other hand, rolled out of bed at 9am) …

Turkey Tools

Just Flipped the Turkey

We still need to heat up the glazed ham:

Glazed Ham

We’ll be taking a few shortcuts like using turkey gravy from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods Gravy

We’ll also be doing some last-minute cooking at his parents’ place, like fingerling potatoes and broccoli.  Plus reheating all the other food we’ve already cooked.

I tried my best to convince my boyfriend that since we (okay, mostly HE) would be making 95% of the food that he could just ask the guests to each bring a dessert.  Of course, I knew something was up when he called me from Whole Foods the other day, and said, “I did some shopping.  You’re not allowed to yell at me.”  So, yes, he’d bought EXTRA desserts, as well:

Extra Desserts

Now don’t ask me how we’re going to get all this food PLUS my brother in the car to get everything over to the house.  We’re still debating what (or who) will fit in the backseat or the trunk …