I now have several big piles of books in my office.  Some are for books I’m reading for several committees — one that’s just ending and one that’s just begun.  And one is of books I’ve been planning to booktalk with several classes, except several have cancelled recently because the teachers who were going to bring them had personal issues that prevented them from visiting.

I’ve had several meetings that were scheduled on my off days — one during my vacation week and one on my free day.  I’ve had several days where I went to a meeting in the morning and then had the afternoon off, so I’ve spent some time shopping in midtown lately in Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center.

Next week is going to be unusual, as well.  I have class visits on one day and library card distribution at a local school another day, and I have to take a split free day in order to make both of those things happen.  The holiday is making the whole branch schedule off-kilter, so some days are going to be a little tight.  Oh, and the heat is working in some parts of our library but not in others, so the thermal underwear that helps me survive in some rooms makes me feel like I’m dying in others.

Thanksgiving is going to be weird, as well.  This will be our first Thanksgiving without my mother, so instead of our usual encounter — we come over to see her after having dinner with my boyfriend’s parents, and while we’re there my brother avoids or ignores us — we now have to figure out how to feed/engage/entertain him.  And my boyfriend’s mother has been dealing with some health issues lately, so we don’t even know if Thanksgiving will be at his parents’ place or (God help me) if we’ll be having Thanksgiving for three at our place.

So I might end up spending those split free days doing a little shopping or a LOT of shopping.  We haven’t worked all the kinks out of this schedule yet …