Today my boyfriend was busy working and then visiting his family, so I did some shopping and some cooking.  Wait … is it depressing that I look forward to having a week off so that I can “catch up” on my cooking?  Anyway, I made Pasta With Sausage and Peppers, which is one of my favorite recipes from The Silver Palate Cookbook and the first meal I ever made for my boyfriend back when we were first dating.




Later this week, I’ll be catching up with the kind of stuff I haven’t had time to do.  I’ll be going to the post office to find out why I keep getting the previous tenants’ mail, going to the bank to meet with someone about how I want my IRA invested, catching up with a doctor’s appointment, doing laundry, taking pictures, shopping, cooking, etc.  Maybe I’ll even go to the movies?  Yeah, I haven’t planned that far ahead yet.