I attended NYCC on Thursday with my (free admission!) Pro pass, and I saw lots of teachers, librarians, plus a kazillion other people along the way.  It was more crowded than it’s ever been before, but I did get a bunch of cool stuff for me, for presents for my friends, and for my teens.

Tiaras Hats and Guns

Tiaras, hats, and guns.  Do we want to play “one of these things is not like the other,” or is that too easy?

Super Big Heart

A super big heart!

Elf Ears Horns and Fairy Dust Wands

For all your elf ears, horns, and fairy dust wand needs!

LEGO Books and Figurines

LEGO books and figurines

Black Red and Gray Outfit

Red, black, and gray outfit

Toxic Avenger Display

Toxic Avenger display

Cute Monster Photo Op

Cute monster photo op

A Fellow Librarian

A fellow librarian!

Fortune Kitty

Fortune Kitty

Different Spins on World Domination

Different spins on world domination

Posing With a Costumed Character

Posing with a costumed character

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags

An Assortment of Weapons

An assortment of weapons

Captain America Artwork

Captain America artwork

Adults and Kids in Star Wars Costumes

Adults and kids in Star Wars costumes


Awwwww …

Checking Messages

Checking messages

Doctor Who Ornaments

Doctor Who ornaments